Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life After The Coronavirus

Life After The Coronavirus

After any major event in history, things are different.   The Great War, you know it as World War I, life was different after it.  After World War II, life was different.  After 9/11, the world was different.  So will life after the Coronavirus is over.

As time marches on, we will remember less and less of it.  For some, the memories will be thoughts like 'it was a drag to stay at home'.  Others may have different jobs because their old ones are gone forever.  Memories of moving to a different house or apartment will linger on in some minds.  Some may have gotten ill during the crisis.  Sadly, some will know people that will succumb to the virus.  Others may not remember anything about it. At some point, life moves on.

Will staying six feet from one another, not shaking hands, avoiding large crowds, and staying at home become the new normal?  Will there be more people that will telecommute to work?  Will our students stay at home more and learn using the wonders of the internet?  Will stores limit the number of costumers that enter and have reduced hours so they can sanitize the store? Three weeks ago most of this rarely occurred, now we are used to it.

New terms and words have entered our vocabulary.  Social distancing, stay at home, shelter in place, COVID-19, and novel coronavirus are all words we never used a few weeks ago.  Now we know them by heart.

Three weeks ago I went to two concerts.  Three weeks ago I didn't think I would be teaching remotely for the rest of the semester.  Three weeks ago I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to eat in a restaurant or go see a play for the foreseeable future.  Three weeks ago I wouldn't have thought that airlines would be empty.  Three weeks ago, I didn't see any of this happening.  Not like this. 

Life has changed so fast in less than a month.  Many don't know when they will be able to go back to work. Weddings, sports events, rock concerts are all on hold for now.  New movie releases are being pushed back and back.  Conventions are all on hold.  New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles have their streets empty of tourists.

I wish I could say everything will go back to normal.  No one can say this.  We as humans will adapt to whatever happens in the future.   Humanity will go on and on.

We all will be happy when things go back to normal.   Will they?  Or will the scars from the Coronavirus crisis remand with us for the rest of our lives?


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