Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Year Day, The Day Forgotten

Leap Year Day, The Day Forgotten

Leap year day, it comes once every four years.  Right on time, every four years this magical day just appears and gives the shortest month of the year an extra day.  We joke about how if you were born on this day, you are four times younger than a regular day.  Your birthday would only come every four years!  Time stands still for three years for you!

Of course, this is not reality, you are just like the rest of us, it is just that day is skipped, so you have your birthday on the 28th or 1st.  It would be cool if you could only live for one year out of four years.  You would witness four times as much history skipping the years in between leap year days.
If you lived to be a hundred years old you would see four hundred years of history.  How cool is that?

If you were born in 1776, you would be a little over half of your life by now.  You saw the birth of The United States of America.  You got to see all of the presidents elected.  The rise of technology, medicine, electricity, computers, the internet, etc.  And you still have over half of your life to go!

In the next two hundred years, it will be amazing to see what breakthroughs are developed and invented.  How will this country and the world look another two hundred years from now?  If you think how different the world is from 1776 to today, it is amazing.  From looking at the moon to seeing humans land on it.  Watching a bird fly to you flying over oceans to fall away lands.  Having news travel by the speed of horses to the speed of light.  Wow!

Living my life, I have always looked forward to the future.  I feel it will be a better place.  In my own lifetime, I have witnessed so much good come from technology that is is hard to think about what will come next.  Whatever happens, humanity is ready for it.  All I know is that I can't wait to see it!  


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