Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Future

The Future

I love the thought about the future.  In my mind, it will be amazing!  I can't wait for a few hundred years to go by and see what will happen for humanity.  Of course, I will see a few more decades go by.   I predict amazing things will happen in the future.

Think back at how different the world is as compare to the 80's, 70's or 60's.  Computers, mobile phones, the Internet, and so much more.  Can you imagine how different the world would be if computers weren't invented in the last 30's?  Imagine the world without computers, it is hard for us to do that after we use them.

In the future, there will be technology that we can't even imagine that will be part of humanity's daily lives.  Could you describe what the internet is and will become to the first computers users in the 30's?  Or go back to 1066 and tell them about searching for information, watching moving images, or listening to music, knowing your location, communicating to anyone on the planet,  or buying a pizza or book, using a computer.  You would sound like you are out of your mind to them.

Computers and the internet is such a major part of our lives, we don't even think about that we are using them.  The technology of the future will be the same for them.   Our lives are so rich with information, entertainment, and ease because of our current technology.  The internet from ten years ago seems like prehistoric times as compare to today's internet.  

It is impossible to know what technology will be use by humanity in the future.  All I can say that in the future, our lives will be better.  We will live longer, we will have more time to do things we love, and we will continue to improve technology for the next generations.  

The future will be amazing, I hope we all live long enough to see even more amazing technology.  The future will be a better place, one zero and one one at a time. 


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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Being A Cowboy

Being A Cowboy

So many people love the thought of being a cowboy.  They don't want to be a  real cowboy, one that goes out and works on a ranch from sun up to sun down working hard.  No, they want to be the Hollywood version of being a cowboy.  Riding a horse in the open plains, fighting the bad guys, and living by your own just moral rules.

Longing for past has always appeared appealing.  The grass is always greener on the other side, well at least in our minds.  For most of us, what we think a cowboy is, entirely from their mind's eye from images of westerns.   That romantic idea about the wild frontier being tame by those with the truest of grit is a part of the heritage we all know.

When I put on the clothes of a modern cowboy, I do feel the spirit of all of those cowboy films within me.  Walking with the boots on, I feel and stand taller. The people that see me, do a double take once they view the hat and the belt buckle.  They instinctively know that one that is wearing cowboy garb, means business.  A person that has earned and deserves respect.

I don't dress like a cowboy much in my modern world, most of the time I'm in a suit and tie.  However, I live my life and demand the respect of others as a cowboy would.  You get respect by giving respect.  Live your life as a cowboy, with a respect.  The more respect we have in the world, the better the world will be. 

You can compute that to the bank!


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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Two Score and Seven Years Ago

Two Score and Seven Years Ago

Once a year goes by, another one starts.  Looking back at a year, there are so many days that are gone.  Some good days, some not at good days.  Events pass by in a blur, it is hard to remember for sure what is going on or what really happened. 

Life is like having a bank account that is full of good days or experiences.  You add the good ones in the account and subtract the bad ones out.  At that end of your life, hopefully, you will have more good ones.

You can't control many things in life.  Getting older is one of them.  So enjoy the ride!  Work on being a better person, learn something you don't know, go to a place you haven't been, help someone that needs a helping hand.  

Do stuff and don't expect anything in return.  Some people might make bad comments about you, let it go.  Hang out with people that are real and enrich your life.  It is cool to eat alone in a restaurant, I have had many cool conversations doing this!  Look for the good, and you'll find it.  Brush your teeth and floss daily, I do and I have great teeth.  Be cool to others.  When you realize you have been a jerk to someone, own up to it as fast as possible.   Check your oven to make sure it is off after you cook.  Eat more healthy food and less bad food.  Wear a real watch, not a smart one.  Glasses makes everyone look smarter.  Tell those you love, that you love them while you can!

There is so much good in the world, I can't help but smile at it all!


Tuesday, July 31, 2018



Happiness.  What is happiness?  Do you have happiness?  Can anyone have happiness? Where does happiness come from?  Where will happiness go when you are sad?  Is there true happiness in the world?

I love peanut butter.  There are times I go to the grocery store to buy it when I want a peanut butter sandwich.  One time I went to the store to get some peanut butter, and there was a couple fighting over something in front of the peanut butter aisle. I stood around the aisle hoping they would stop, they didn't.  At some point, I gave up and left and walked around the store for a while to return and get my precious peanut butter.

That couple wanted to be happy, right?  Why go to a grocery store to fight, I suppose they went there to buy groceries, however at some point, they fought.  Perhaps it was over money, what to buy for dinner, who knows, but it was something.

Happiness is around us, we do need to let it in.  So little of this world, at times, seems happy.  The mundanity of life catches up to all of us at some point.  You will have to pay the bills or get something fixed that you down want to deal with.  Happiness is right there, you ignore it when you are busy with life.  It's still there waiting for you to smile.  To enjoy life, if you would let that happiness into your heart or soul.
Don't let that happiness get away from you!  We all only have so many days on Earth, wouldn't it be better to enjoy all of the happiness around you?  Don't waste a single moment of happiness in your life!  

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