Tuesday, August 31, 2021



Think. When do you have time to think in today's world? With all the technology we have, everything seems to get more complicated. The world seems to be busier. Have we changed? Did technology change us? Or did we want to have a little time to face our thoughts? 

We have found ways to amuse ourselves throughout humanity through games, music, acting, and other creative endeavors. My question to you is, why are we amusing ourselves instead of thinking? Could it be that we are afraid of our own thoughts? Is the idea of thinking the idea of facing who you really are?

Thought is what brought us civilization. Thought will bring humanity to a brighter future. Thought is important for us to make time for in our lives. We have only a certain number of heartbeats in our life. If we waste all of those amusing ourselves instead of thinking, what will be lost? Or imagine what could have been achieved from those lost thoughts.

Challenge yourself to make time to think. Put away your cell phone, close your laptop, turn off your streaming television, and sit and think. You may be surprised by what enters your mind. After your practice for a few weeks or months, it will become a habit. Hopefully, by thinking, it will enrich your life in ways that entertainment cannot. 



Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Two Scores and Ten Around The Sun

 Two Scores and Ten Around The Sun

Two scores and ten years ago, no one could have predicted the advancements of today. That long ago, the personal computer did not exist. No internet. No smartphones. Air condition, electricity, and roads are improved. Even cars operate better if not less cool-looking. It is a modern age with self-driving cars and robots taking over most industries. Technology, in many ways, takes the thinking from us, humans. Information on every topic is a few clicks away. 

During this time, beyond technology, I have learned much about life. How to be a better human being. How to enjoy what life gives you and appreciate what you have. And how to let the world revolve around its axis and take the time to notice. If you listen close, you can hear it needs a touch of inspiration from time to time. Make sure you help it from time to time.

With age, you learn to let things go that are not important. Let it flow through you like a heavy rain, and nothing will bring you down. Once you can let everything go, there are no longer negative or positive events. There are only moments in time. One second here, one minute there, one hour over there, and a century is on the horizon. Wisdom comes with age, and allowing yourself to experience all sides of existence will bring peace to you and others in your orbit.

If possible, to talk to my younger self, I would share all the amazing experiences, people, locations, and creativity. This would be laborious to put into words. I know I would smile if I knew back then what I know now. And there would be quite a bit of laughter as well. Fortunately, there is a little apprehension for me to experience life to its fullest. Some may call this a gift, others a curse. I call it what I am. I have always liked myself as a person, and in my maturity, I still do. Even more, and I laugh and smile as much as I can. Sharing my enjoyment of life with others is important for me.

The best piece of wisdom I can share with those younger than me is that, in the end, nothing matters. If you work hard, it does not matter. If you do not work hard, it does not matter. If you are rich, it does not matter. If you are poor, it does not matter. Whatever you do in your life, ultimately, does not matter in the end. So why do anything in your life?

The undiscovered country is full of unknowns. You are here for a short time compared to a mountain, an ancient tree, and the marvelous universe above us in the heavens. Make the most of it. Make the most of it every day that you breathe. Make the most of it when it is difficult. Make the most of it when it is easy. Make the most of it when all of your reserves are spent. Finally, make the most of it when you are surrounded by those that love you. 

In the end, that is what matters. You matter. When the world appears to bring you down to the depths of sorrow, you matter. When life brings you to the highest point of existence, you matter. When you do everything, you matter. When you do nothing, you matter. You matter, it is up to you to make the life that you desire.

At the end of the day, when you can look in the mirror and like the person you see, you are successful. If you are not able to do this yet, give it time. If it takes a lifetime, it takes a lifetime. Hopefully, it will take less than that. Leave the world a better place once you are gone. And have fantastic stories to tell those that are younger than you. Smile, breathe, take time to pause, and enjoy the ride. For something that does not matter, it should feel like it does. Enjoy the gift of living, hopefully for a long time.


Enjoy Your Life! Computed!

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Learning and the Truth

 Learning and the Truth

As a child, I knew that I wanted an education. Going to college and learn about as many subjects and areas that I could do while studying there. In every class, I had a goal of learning one new idea or piece of information that I did not know. That would be about forty-five pieces of information or new thoughts from each class that I took. Most of the time, there was more than one, but all I needed was one from each class hour. 

Today on the internet, we can learn from every waking moment using a computer or smartphone. It is amazing how much we can learn today via the web, through videos, blogs, research articles, news for today and the past, and so on. With an internet connection, we can access any type of knowledge and information we desire to learn. This still astounds me when I reflect upon my past with an 8-bit computer connected to a 300 baud modem and a printer that I could never get to work.

I love learning. Being a lifelong learner means that my journey is never over. There is only another road for me to travel on to my next educational destination. And the journey can jump from one question to another with a few vocal commands on a search engine. We all have gone down many educational rabbit holes since the internet was opened to the masses. 

In education, truth is the ethical path we use when sharing information. Since the internet has given us all, we should give back to it through blogs, podcasts, videos, and other content to expand our knowledge base. The far-out there ideas about subjects that I do not have expertise in are fascinating to me. Does that mean you will listen to a podcast and realized what you have just heard is a bunch of nonsense? Yes. We need that. It keeps us on our educational toes. Without flawed information, you would believe everything you read or see on the internet. 

As a firm believer in playing the devil's advocate with my fascination with the law, sometimes advocating for wrong, flawed, unsupported ideas will strengthen your beliefs, opinions, and the truth. It is fun and a great intellectual exercise to take incorrect data and find a way to support it through your intellect. This skill improves your ability to sense and identify the truth. Without practicing identifying factual and supportive information, can the truth actually exist? One must never take the truth for granted. It is like freedom. Vigilance is the price we pay to have both. Through diligence and watchfulness, you can recognize truth. Computed! 

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How Easy We Forget The Past

 How Easy We Forget The Past

Time is the fire in which we burn. That means that time is what we use to continue our lives. Time is perceived differently by every individual ever born. What time means to me is different than what time means to you or anyone else.  

In my lifetime, I have seen history unfold before my eyes. I looked around to see other individuals and realize this is history and witnessing and I am right here experiencing it. These experiences are surreal, almost as if time itself slowed down to a crawl so you could have a clear memory of these events burned into your memory.

As a child, I would experience history often through watching the news. As I grew older, many times, I actually was where history was being created. As I increase increasingly grow closer to my end date, I realize history is every moment of time. It may never be written into a book or made into a film or a documentary. That does not matter. History is all around us.

Strange, last year at this time, we were in a middle of a lockdown during a pandemic. It is funny how it seems like a lifetime ago, and it was only one cycle around the sun ago. Of course, as many others have noted, this was history being made. None of us ever thought that the whole world would lockdown because of a virus spreading globally. Walking around the empty streets with no cars, it felt like I was in a post-apocalyptic zombie film. The term surreal does not do justice to what I was experiencing last year. The isolation was new to us all. Those that always wanted off from work realized how boring life is without a purpose. Many claimed they would achieve great things if they only had time. When the gift of time was given to them, they realize that's not what they wanted.

This is because time is the blame for many poor coping skills. It was not time's fault that you did not learn something. Time did not end a relationship. When you really wanted to do something, and you did not, time was not the reason.

It was you all along. For us, it is so easy to blame time when in reality, we should reflect on ourselves for poor choices and poor time management. When something is important to you will find the time to complete any task. The concept of time is difficult for our minds to comprehend.

Time just keeps everything from happening all at once. Time is something that you can not buy or give to others. Time, you only appreciate it when you do not have much of it left. Time is a construct invented by watchmakers to sell watches. In reality, there is no time. There is only ourselves.


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