Thursday, December 31, 2020

The End Of 2020

 The End Of 2020 

Well folks, it is all over. 2020 is a mere few hours away. When 2020 started, all of us had such big hopes for the new year. None of us could have predicted what would happen this year. 2020 has been a roller coaster for all of us.

I have lived long enough do you realize how time is perceived differently. When a tragedy happens, time moves differently than when happiness occurs. During 2020, of course, there were more tragedies than happiness.

So will the new year bring us better luck? I know all of us hope so. With my life experience, action has a bigger influence than hope.

The people I know that are successful, take chances, take risks, and are willing to make mistakes. It is okay to not understand something. Today, you have little excuse to say that you do not have the skills to learn something that will improve your life.

Time and time in my life, I worked on things that have been difficult. Learning how to compose music, playing the piano and guitar, acting, filmmaking, fixing computers, and learning how to conduct educational research, have all been challenges. When I fail, I embrace it. I never feel sorry for myself, pick myself up, acknowledge my mistakes or errors, then move on with my life.

I really hope 2021 brings you great tidings! However, it really is up to you to improve your life. I believe in you, you know what you need to make your life fulfilled. Never use the excuse somebody is keeping me down. As a matter of fact, never use any excuses. When you can state things that are difficult, then you can solve them. 

Happy New Year everyone! May 2021 bring us all happiness and joy. Computed.

Keep on Rockin'!

Monday, November 30, 2020

A long time ago I gave myself permission to make mistakes.


A long time ago I gave myself permission to make mistakes. My life has been a lot better since this epiphany. Living a contented life is always the better choice. Be happy for what you have, while striving to improve yourself. 

There is often a feeling to be perfect with everything in your life. 'Make no mistakes in life' is a motto for many today. Not being the best or perfect, for many, means that you are a failure. And there is no place for failure in today's perfect world.

What if I told you that it is ok to fail? That your life would be enriched through failing. Every time that you fail, it is an opportunity to learn. 

People often forget that learning is an amazing gift. Having the opportunity to learn, means that you can become a better person. Learning is not over once you 'finish school'. Learning can only begin once you are done with your formal education. Life is learning. If you stop learning, your life, or at least your productive life, is over. 

Give yourself time to grow as a human being. Work hard, however, if you need time to learn a task, take the time. Improve on that in which you need. Take pleasure that you are having new learning experiences. And if you fail, that is fine. You will find many things in the world that you are good at during this journey of life. Embrace those and look for those that you need to improve. 

In life, you need resistance. If everything is easy, nothing is worth doing. Seek out things and events that will challenge you as a person. When something is hard, that is great! And when you achieve in those difficult tasks, you know that you have accomplished something in your life.  

A long time ago I gave myself permission to make mistakes, so that one day I can improve myself as a human being.


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween During The Pandemic

 Halloween During The Pandemic 

Life during the pandemic in the last eight months has been challenging. Little things that we took for granted, are now more complicated. Holidays, that before Covid-19, we would all look forward to going out and celebrate, we now look at them with a different perspective. 

4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and soon Thanksgiving and Christmas, are being questioned by people, how to celebrate these during a pandemic. Should everyone wear a mask, should everyone just stay at home, or should the holidays be canceled, these and many other questions are being asked today.

Let us look at this from a different perspective, not going into the social or political avenues of these questions. Looking at holidays that were taken for granted Pre-Covid-19 times, now many wish it was easy for them to celebrate these holidays.

The biggest thing for me that has come from this pandemic, is realizing all the little things I took for granted. Reflecting on holidays, it usually is not the holiday itself you are missing, you are missing the connection with the ones you love. So during Thanksgiving, it is not so much the turkey and dressing, as it is spending time with your parents, grandparents, or siblings you rarely see.

Hopefully, we will look back at the year 2020, and realize all the things that were difficult or could not be done during a pandemic. Once things get back to normal, hopefully, we will not forget. Enjoy the holidays the best you can during 2020. Know that one day, those holidays will go back to normal. 

We may be different, having grown from these experiences. It is like going back to your childhood house as an adult, the house is exactly the same, you are not. That is why everything looks a little bit smaller than it did when you were younger.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Can Not Lose The Beard

Can Not Lose The Beard

I tried to lose the beard. Really, I did, I shaved my five-month beard off in late August, and now it is back. It is just hard to want to shave when are you wearing a mask in public. No one can tell what I look like, whether I have shaved or not, so what is the point? 

Most of my life I have shaved. I have grown a beard when I need to for an acting part. Most of the time I grow a mustache instead of a beard for film roles. Fortunately, I can grow a beard fast when I need one. Still, most of the time I have a clean shaving face. 

Lately, there is little reason to shave during COVID-19. When I go in public, I have a mask on. People mainly see me without a mask during Zoom meetings. A virtual beard does not count. Does it? I did not think so. 

Well, right now I can wear a beard and only a few would know I had one. I could shave the beard off and have a mustache. Or I could shave everything off and no one would be the wiser. So many options when you are wearing a mask all of the time in public.

I will look back at this post and remember that time period when I could grow a beard or mustache and no one would know. "Do you remember when we all wore masks in public and I could grow a beard undercover?" And when I think about it, I will be probably be clean shaved. 


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