Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life After The Coronavirus

Life After The Coronavirus

After any major event in history, things are different.   The Great War, you know it as World War I, life was different after it.  After World War II, life was different.  After 9/11, the world was different.  So will life after the Coronavirus is over.

As time marches on, we will remember less and less of it.  For some, the memories will be thoughts like 'it was a drag to stay at home'.  Others may have different jobs because their old ones are gone forever.  Memories of moving to a different house or apartment will linger on in some minds.  Some may have gotten ill during the crisis.  Sadly, some will know people that will succumb to the virus.  Others may not remember anything about it. At some point, life moves on.

Will staying six feet from one another, not shaking hands, avoiding large crowds, and staying at home become the new normal?  Will there be more people that will telecommute to work?  Will our students stay at home more and learn using the wonders of the internet?  Will stores limit the number of costumers that enter and have reduced hours so they can sanitize the store? Three weeks ago most of this rarely occurred, now we are used to it.

New terms and words have entered our vocabulary.  Social distancing, stay at home, shelter in place, COVID-19, and novel coronavirus are all words we never used a few weeks ago.  Now we know them by heart.

Three weeks ago I went to two concerts.  Three weeks ago I didn't think I would be teaching remotely for the rest of the semester.  Three weeks ago I didn't think that I wouldn't be able to eat in a restaurant or go see a play for the foreseeable future.  Three weeks ago I wouldn't have thought that airlines would be empty.  Three weeks ago, I didn't see any of this happening.  Not like this. 

Life has changed so fast in less than a month.  Many don't know when they will be able to go back to work. Weddings, sports events, rock concerts are all on hold for now.  New movie releases are being pushed back and back.  Conventions are all on hold.  New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles have their streets empty of tourists.

I wish I could say everything will go back to normal.  No one can say this.  We as humans will adapt to whatever happens in the future.   Humanity will go on and on.

We all will be happy when things go back to normal.   Will they?  Or will the scars from the Coronavirus crisis remand with us for the rest of our lives?


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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Year Day, The Day Forgotten

Leap Year Day, The Day Forgotten

Leap year day, it comes once every four years.  Right on time, every four years this magical day just appears and gives the shortest month of the year an extra day.  We joke about how if you were born on this day, you are four times younger than a regular day.  Your birthday would only come every four years!  Time stands still for three years for you!

Of course, this is not reality, you are just like the rest of us, it is just that day is skipped, so you have your birthday on the 28th or 1st.  It would be cool if you could only live for one year out of four years.  You would witness four times as much history skipping the years in between leap year days.
If you lived to be a hundred years old you would see four hundred years of history.  How cool is that?

If you were born in 1776, you would be a little over half of your life by now.  You saw the birth of The United States of America.  You got to see all of the presidents elected.  The rise of technology, medicine, electricity, computers, the internet, etc.  And you still have over half of your life to go!

In the next two hundred years, it will be amazing to see what breakthroughs are developed and invented.  How will this country and the world look another two hundred years from now?  If you think how different the world is from 1776 to today, it is amazing.  From looking at the moon to seeing humans land on it.  Watching a bird fly to you flying over oceans to fall away lands.  Having news travel by the speed of horses to the speed of light.  Wow!

Living my life, I have always looked forward to the future.  I feel it will be a better place.  In my own lifetime, I have witnessed so much good come from technology that is is hard to think about what will come next.  Whatever happens, humanity is ready for it.  All I know is that I can't wait to see it!  


Friday, January 31, 2020

Being The Best You Can Means Not Living in The Past Or The Future, Live In The Now

Being The Best You Can Means Not Living in The Past Or The Future, Live In The Now
I'm living in the now.

Ok, you know that you think about the past.  You know that you think about the future.  It seems to me there is a lack of living in the now or the present.  You look at your phone to see what you did or what you will do.  It's not in the present, it stores information from the past and what you will do, not what you are doing now.  

Thinking of the now, gets over look in modern society.  "Here look at the photos from last night or week or a few years ago.  Here are photos of where I plan to go or do".   Usually you don't hear, "Here is what I'm doing right this minute" while looking at your phone.

In someways, it has always been hard to look at yourself in the present.  You are busy doing the things you need to do in day to day life to notice the little things.  Often, the most important things.

I love technology, it has made our world smaller and it has given us opportunities from education to business with the use of the Internet.   In my life, I do see a difference, and not only in the youth, in everyone that is addicted to their phone or technology.  

Conversations are harder to start and pay attention while they are being spoken.  Relationships required the use of technology to meet up and figure out what to do.  Think how difference commerce and education would be without technology.  Think of sitting in a meeting, a classroom or in a doctor's office without using your phone.

I would argue that we think differently because of technology.   When television was the paradigm, those that didn't watch it, thought differently than ones that did.  When books came to the masses after the Gutenberg press,  those that could read, thought differently than ones that didn't.  Technology has always influenced humanity.  In the future, it won't be any different.

Should we stop using technology?  No, the genie is out of the bottle, you can't close it.  If the Internet went down, a billion or more people around the globe would suffer the lost of something more important than perhaps their own family.  The Internet is here, and it is going to stay with us.

So you are on your own to think in the now.  Live in the present when you can.  I think you would enjoy your life more in the now than writing a post or uploading a photo or meme to get likes.  If you like yourself in the present, you will like yourself no matter what happened in the past or in the future.



Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Posting A Video Every Day For The Last Eleven Years

Posting A Video Every Day For The Last Eleven Years

Wow.  Eleven years of posting a video on YouTube every single day.  Wow.

How did I do this?  Why have I done this?  Does anyone care?

Well in the end, does anything really truly matters?  Life goes by so quickly.  Eleven years ago, the technology I used to make video content is archaic by today's standards.  The YouTube stars of today probably couldn't make their content today with video tape, slower computers and slow internet. That is one reason why I was a pioneer as a YouTuber.  I could.

No one, and I mean no one new what to do when online videos were breaking new ground.  It was the wild west in some ways, you could try different and weird stuff that would never get on traditional  television.  Using Andy Warhol's words "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes",  he was correct when YouTube came out.  You could make a dumb video, and be an internet star all over the world.

Today the content on YouTube is amazing. It is even more slick and polished than major television networks. Technology lowered in price to make anyone a major star on YouTube.  That's good for the most part.

With so much content out there, it is hard to find the good stuff.  YouTube changes their algorithms weekly and the new smaller YouTubers can't get seen.  They soon give up.  May their content would have turned out great if they were giving a chance to grow. 

Tenacity is the magic word if you want to make it on YouTube.  You can't give up.  I've seen so many channels disappear because they were not being real.  You can only fake so much before you have to stop.

The one thing with my content, it's real.  That's me, Herbert Midgley "The Internet Legend" talking from the heart.  Making funny videos from the heart.  When I laugh or wink at you, it's real.  It's honest.  It's who I am.  I am The Internet Legend, and you know it once you watch my content.

If YouTube is around hundred years from now and someone discovers my YouTube channel, they will know the real me with the five thousand plus videos that I have online.  It would be cool to know what they would think about me.  Or this time.

Will I be remembered as one of the pioneers of YouTube?  No.  In the end it doesn't matter.  I had a blast making videos and doing something that no one else has done.  Being the first doesn't mean you were the best.  It just mean you did it before anyone else.

So when will I take a day off from YouTube?  When I'm done I guess.  Maybe once I get over ten thousand subscribers.   Or once I make ten thousand videos?   So why is it that I don't have million a subscribers?  Why that's another story for another time.

This is Art.

This Man Posted A Video On YouTube Everyday For Over Eleven Years! 

Go watch my video content on YouTube.

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