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Friday, June 30, 2017

How You Live Your Life Is How You Face Death

How You Live Your Life Is How You Face Death

Death.  Dying.  Gone forever.  It's hard for most of us to think about this.  We all know that one day, we will no longer be here on Earth.  As you get older, you realize this more and more.  When you are young, you have too much living to do to think about death.  The young understand death in a small scale.  Not global.  Even if they had a close loved one pass away, it is hard to truly understand when you are young.

No one wants to die.  You have no control over death, one day we will all face it.  One day you wake up and realize that you have fewer days on this Earth than you have lived.  Perhaps you want to share your knowledge with others.  Perhaps you just want to live in peace during your last remanding days.

Once you have died, would it not be better to celebrate your life than to mourn your death?   Living a life that is worth living means that you will have plenty of stories that others will share about you.  Make sure you have stories to share with the world.  Once you are gone, make sure your loved ones smile and laugh at what you have done once their tears have dried up.

Enjoy your life.  Do what you want to do in your life.  Take chances and don't be afraid to fail.  Love your family.  Love your friends.  Help those that need it.  Care for the ones that you love.  Share your life with others.  And don't forget to smile and laugh as you live an amazing life.  Life is a great gift we were giving.  Please don't squander it.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Real Texans Don't Need Air Condition While They Drive

Real Texans Don't Need Air Condition While They Drive

I've been a Texan all of my life.  The years that I didn't live in Texas, I lived like a Texan.  When I have travel abroad, I lived like a Texan.  If you are born in Texas, you are a Texan.  However it is how you live your life that makes you a Real Texan.

Today it is common place for everyone to drive their cars with air condition.  Of course at one time there wasn't air condition in cars, or if they had it, it really didn't work well until the 1970's.  All we had was two windows down driving at 55 MPH for air to cool us down.  When standing still at a stop light, we had to deal with the heat.

Did that make us tougher not using air condition?  I would say yes.  In Texas it is hot.  If you live here, you need to be able to survive the heat.  Why live in a place that you can't walk or drive in?  Does that make any sense?

Most people that I know in Texas or other places, have to get their air condition fixed as soon as it gets broken.  It is like their car is now unusable.  In Texas, or the South for that matter, try selling a car without air condition.  That is how dependent people have gotten on air condition in their cars.

I would challenge you all, fellow Texans and others, to drive with the windows down.  Get some fresh air, let the wind on your face.  I bet you will like it.  If you sweat, then you know you are alive and normal.  You walk from one air condition house to another, you could go a few minutes driving without air condition.  It will make you tougher.  We could use more tougher and people of true grit in this world.

However you are talking to the guy that wears a suit while biking.  Not many have the grit and strength that I have.  Perhaps you have it in you.  I believe in you.  You can tough it out, you don't need air condition while you drive.  Be a Real Texan with me!

A Real Texan Doesn't Need Air Condition While Driving.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Now is Now, Then was Then

Now is Now, Then was Then

 photo 18157868_10102372429334778_3819186374088785812_n_zpsknxyx2lu.jpg

Now, that's today.  Then, that was the past.  One can't be in the past or now at the same time.   In your memories, thoughts, perhaps, but in reality, no.

The memories you have from the past will guide you if you let them.  The past will help you remember what decisions you made, some were good ones, others not so much.  If you use the past to help you now, the future would look brighter.

It would be great to have the knowledge of the past to always help us with the future.  We don't, so we can only do our best to make the future a better place.  Let's all work together to make this world a place that we can all enjoy and be creative!  Compute that!

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Friday, March 31, 2017



Cars.  In East Texas, you have to have one.  In Texas, you have to have one.  For most of the country, you need a car except for a few large cities.

Why do we have to have an automobile?  Could we not just walk or ride a bicycle?  How did it happen that we all rely on cars for our transportation?

Independence.  In this country, we don't want to rely on others.  We want the freedom, the independence to go where and when we want.  Relying on yourself is important in the USA.  Really important in Texas too!

As time has gone by, the price of the automobile has risen as well.  At one time, most people would buy a car in hard earned cash.  Families would save up their money and buy their dream car.  Today most have to buy a car on time.  Those times and payments are getting longer and larger.  If the price of cars continues to grow, a car may become like owning a horse, beyond the cost of most people today.

The new cars have keyless entry, air condition, BlueTooth, USB ports, back up video screen and many other gizmos that add to the price of the vehicle.  It would be nice to see a new car with keys, mirrors and roll down windows.  Every piece that is electronic is a piece that will wear out one day.  There are cars in junkyards that you could still roll down the windows that are over fifty years old.

I love my Mustang, it is a fun car to drive.  However, I would love to get on a train or a bus and get around town, the state or the country.  I love the independence and the freedom of owning a car, however, it would be nice to sit back and work on my creative content as I travel.   Perhaps I would travel more.

And by the way, where is my flying car and talking robot?
Compute that!

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