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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things That Do Not Compute

Things That Do Not Compute

After living a great life, I still see things that do not compute.  Does this mean that I think I am smarter than others?  No, rather it is interesting to me to see something that does not compute and think why doesn't that person see that it is not computing?  Funny how life is at times.

When I look at something that doesn't compute, I do try to see both sides.  I do realize that I could be in error, so I want all of the data that I can find to make a good and just decision.   There are times that I feel that others don't do this.

Disagreeing with someone is fine.  Arguing with someone that has their mind completely made up will almost never change someone's mind.  Think of the last time some talked to you and only with words, changed your mind.  Not often, if ever.

How you change your mind is through experience.  Life.  Living life.  That is how you grow as a person.  You can't read a book or watch a television show to really change your mind, you have to go out into the big wide world and experience this wonderful gift yourself.

When you get old, what do you want to tell your grandkids, that time you liked someone's post on a social media page?  Or that time you met a person that changed your life, that person that you helped that changed their life.  The time when you made, did or saw something that made your life complete.  Those are the stories you want to tell future.

Go see the world, go to every place that you have dreamed about, meet people that you have always wanted to meet, do what you want to do that makes you happy and gives you joy, smile, laugh, cry, hug, tell the people that you love that you love them while you can, apologize more and realize in the end, what does it really matter?  It doesn't.  Live your amazing life!  It will be over sooner than you realize.  So compute that!

Things That Do Not Compute 

Watch it, it does compute!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Future Is....

The Future Is....

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We are in the future.  Right now.  That's right, we are in the future looking back at this era.  What are you seeing?  Is this the past that you remember?  Is this the future you were looking forward to seeing?

No one can know the future for sure.  You can guess.  You can even make an educated guess.  However in the end, it was just a guess.  You can could look at the past for some guidance.  Refer back to an era where there were some similarities.   It's still only a guess.

If I went back to 1984 and told myself that I would not watch TV, everyone had a laptop and three old computers that no one wants, that I could fit into my shirt pocket a device with all of the information of the world, that everyone had a mobile phone and they carried it everywhere,  everyone could make their own TV or radio show,  that all of the record, book and VHS stores (it's 1984 remember)  would be gone,  and I could talk to a computer and it would answer back.  I would not have believed you.  How could I?  At that time we had Commodore 64's and Atari 800 xls with 300 baud modem with 64k of ram and we were hooked on television!  It would have been pure science fiction to hear this future.

The future is the undiscovered country, it's up to you to shape it.  I still want my talking robot and flying cars one day.  Oh to dream.

Snap - Feature Film - With Full Soundtrack 

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Undiscovered Country of 2017

The Undiscovered Country of 2017

2016 is over, it will be a year for the history books, that's for sure. The Undiscovered Country of 2017 is up to us.

My advice is look towards the future. You make your own future, we all do. Go out there and make a change, don't post things online and think that will make the world a better place. Have your debates and also realize there is always more than one side to any issue. Many times an issue is so complicated, that is really hard to get to the actual truth. That doesn't mean to give up, rather work harder to learn and strengthen your beliefs. And perhaps with a lot of work, you will find the truth that you are seeking. If everyone believed exactly the same as you, what a boring world this would be!

I believe in the future, I know that humanity can do. I believe in ourselves to make the future bright. When I have shuffled off this Mortal coil, I know that everything will be alright. Rock and Roll!!!!

May THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS be a part of your lives this year. May you compute as well. This film will bring the peace to the world that it needs in its troubled waters state. Make sure to watch and share this important film with all of your love ones. That does compute!

Happy New Year 2017

Saturday, December 31, 2016



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Can you have success in your life?  Are you willing to work hard?  Are you learning the skills you need to achieve your goals?  Tenacity of not giving up runs deep in your heart, then you can have success.

We have all heard that working hard is the key to success.  It's not the only key.  Having goals are important too.  If working hard is all that it took, then there would be a lot more people that are successful.

Maybe you need to ask yourself what is success?  It means different things to different people.  One person's success would be another person's failure.  Neither one is wrong, or right.

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Work hard, have goals, get the skills to achieve those goals and have tenacity.  These are the basic things you need to have success in your life.  It does compute.  Rock and roll.

The new year is here tomorrow, go out there and be successful!

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