Thursday, April 30, 2020

Getting To Know Oneself During The Quarantine

Getting To Know Oneself During The Quarantine

I'm in the shadows.

The weeks have flown past us over during the quarantine.  Is it Monday or Tuesday?  Is it night or day?  When was the last time I shaved or had a haircut?

So many questions, right now, we do not have many answers.  When can we get a haircut?  Nobody knows.  There is a freedom to let it all go. 

When you do not know something, and there is no way to figure it out, you can either worry about it or let it go.  In life, there are many times when you have no control over your future, right now is one of those times.  People want to work.  People do not want to get ill.  What is the correct answer?  
Perhaps in the future, we will know more to measure it.  Maybe even to answer it.

At some point, things will go back to normal.  Will they?  Or is the future full of face masks, hand washing, social separation, and no large crowds?  Every time we go into a store will they measure our temperature?  Will, we only listen to a concert online, see art shows, and plays from a distance.  What about sports?  What jobs will remain?  Can robots help us?

There are so many questions to ask.  You can use this time to work on anything you or want or do nothing at all.  That is one thing you have control over.  That novel, piece of art, album is not going to make itself.  That room that you need to clean, yup, you have to do it yourself.   The grass outside is not stopping growing.  Your car can use a tune-up too.

The future is the undiscovered country, only this time it is undiscovered something.  We do not know what it will look like.  Is the future even bright any more?  I think it will be.

All I can say about it is that we as humans will face it and deal with it.  There is no choice.  Humanity will go on.  What we make of it, is on us.  

Humans have been on this planet for a while and before written history, have faced plagues,  disease, and many other challenges.  

I look forward to the future.  Together, we can make that future bright!  Smile, it will work itself out.  I feel it in the air.


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