Friday, January 31, 2020

Being The Best You Can Means Not Living in The Past Or The Future, Live In The Now

Being The Best You Can Means Not Living in The Past Or The Future, Live In The Now
I'm living in the now.

Ok, you know that you think about the past.  You know that you think about the future.  It seems to me there is a lack of living in the now or the present.  You look at your phone to see what you did or what you will do.  It's not in the present, it stores information from the past and what you will do, not what you are doing now.  

Thinking of the now, gets over look in modern society.  "Here look at the photos from last night or week or a few years ago.  Here are photos of where I plan to go or do".   Usually you don't hear, "Here is what I'm doing right this minute" while looking at your phone.

In someways, it has always been hard to look at yourself in the present.  You are busy doing the things you need to do in day to day life to notice the little things.  Often, the most important things.

I love technology, it has made our world smaller and it has given us opportunities from education to business with the use of the Internet.   In my life, I do see a difference, and not only in the youth, in everyone that is addicted to their phone or technology.  

Conversations are harder to start and pay attention while they are being spoken.  Relationships required the use of technology to meet up and figure out what to do.  Think how difference commerce and education would be without technology.  Think of sitting in a meeting, a classroom or in a doctor's office without using your phone.

I would argue that we think differently because of technology.   When television was the paradigm, those that didn't watch it, thought differently than ones that did.  When books came to the masses after the Gutenberg press,  those that could read, thought differently than ones that didn't.  Technology has always influenced humanity.  In the future, it won't be any different.

Should we stop using technology?  No, the genie is out of the bottle, you can't close it.  If the Internet went down, a billion or more people around the globe would suffer the lost of something more important than perhaps their own family.  The Internet is here, and it is going to stay with us.

So you are on your own to think in the now.  Live in the present when you can.  I think you would enjoy your life more in the now than writing a post or uploading a photo or meme to get likes.  If you like yourself in the present, you will like yourself no matter what happened in the past or in the future.



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