Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Roads And Parking Lot Are Empty For The Holidays

The Roads And Parking Lot Are Empty For The Holidays

Where are the cars?

Walking out of my house on Thanksgiving Day, there were no cars on the road and the parking lots were empty.  It made me smile.  I hope everyone was at home with their families and friends enjoying time together.

With all of the technology that we have, you would think that we would have more time, well we have less time.  A lot less time to spent time with those that you love.  Over this holiday, did you mainly stare at your technology box in your hands?  Was there a whole table full of food and everyone was tapping on their devices?  Were there people there that you only see a few times a year and you spent the majority of your time glued to the internet?

You weren't the only one.  That most likely happened to everyone with Thanksgiving.  Maybe the old folks that couldn't set up their VCRs from the 1990s just looked around the table and thought "What has happened to us all."

I wish we still used VCRs.

What happened was progress.  Technology gets cheaper and faster, with each incarnation looking cooler than the last device.  It is so addictive, and it is designed that way.   Once you have it, you can't live without it.  If you would've asked the young people at the Thanksgiving table what would you rather have, a turkey leg or go hungry and use your smartphone, they would choose the smartphone.

Why not?  Technology is so much better than IRL, which means 'in real life' for those that are not hip.  You have videos, games, chat with your 'friends', 24/7 news, music and more and more.  The smartphone gives so much and asks so little.

Does technology really ask so little?   In many ways, it asks for so much of our time, attention, and our souls.  You give that box more love than your grandparents!  Or your parents.  Or your IRL friends.  Than anyone else.

So when I looked at all of the empty roads and parking lots driving to see my family and friends for Thanksgiving, I smiled.  There is hope that one family had a conversation without looking at their smartphones.   Since I have hope, maybe one-day humanity will remember what is really important.  Enjoy our time together on this third rock from the Sun.


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