Thursday, October 31, 2019

Getting A Great Haircut

Getting A Great Haircut

For most of my young life, I did not care about getting a haircut.  Mainly I got one to get the hair out of my eyes.  Haircuts cost a lot to me as a kid, so I would get four or five of them a year.  Many times right before a photo or holiday. 

Then one year I stopped getting haircuts.  I just let my hair grow and grow.  This went on for six years, then I finally realize it was time to get a haircut.  Every person said I looked better without my long hair.  

In life, we get attached to many things.  Cars, clothes, shoes, technology, stuff, and more stuff.  We get stuff, and we give stuff.  It goes on and on.  If we lived to be a thousand years old, would we have a place to put all of our stuff? 

Cutting my hair made it easier to find employment.  With a cut of some scissors, life got easier for me. The respect you get with a haircut that you can set your watch to was amazing to me.  Immediately I felt great with that haircut.  Others could see that and treated me the way I felt.

Do not be afraid to let things go that are holding you back.  My hair might be down to my feet if I had never cut it.  It is hard to walk through life if you are tripping over your hair!  Be bold if you need to change your life.  History only remembers those that took risks.  Take many risks in your life.  And play your guitar every day.


Rock and roll!

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