Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Unlearning Everything You Learned In Life That Was Wrong

Unlearning Everything You Learned In Life That Was Wrong

Have you ever heard that once you get over the age of elementary school that you can never learn a foreign language?  You only use ten percent of your brain.  Listening to Classical music will make you smarter.  If you do not start as a child, you can never play a musical instrument.  Math is harder than Art.  If you can not spell, you are not intelligent.  Potatoes are bad for you.  Eggs are bad for you.  Potatoes are good for you.  Eggs are good for you. Margarine is better for you than butter.  After forty take a baby aspirin daily to keep from getting a stroke.  Cigarettes contain not just one but a combination of medically proven active ingredients to soothe frayed nerves. I can go on and on.

If something sounds plausible, then most of us say, yeah that could work.  It makes sense that you can not learn a foreign language after twelve years old.  You took Spanish or French in middle school for years and never learned a foreign language, so it only makes sense that we can not learn to speak a foreign language after a certain point in time. 

In reality, there are millions of people over the history of time that leave their homelands for other areas of the world and they have learned other languages.  Is it hard? Yes.  Impossible.  No.  If you have the drive, the motivation, the tenacity, you will learn a foreign language or anything else. This goes with music, riding a bike, skateboarding, anything that you want to learn you can if you work at it.

One advice that I would give others is to not worry about perfection.  You are going to make tons of mistakes first playing an instrument, learn a foreign language, swing dancing.  Those mistakes you learn from.  I love it when I fail as an actor, so I can learn from the experience.  It makes me a better actor to watch myself on the big screen to see what did not work.

So forget all of the things you thought were true, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. Humans are capable of doing amazing things.  You are human, so can you!  If another human did something, you can also! 

Also use your common sense, if it does not sound correct, check it out.


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