Saturday, August 18, 2018

Two Score and Seven Years Ago

Two Score and Seven Years Ago

Once a year goes by, another one starts.  Looking back at a year, there are so many days that are gone.  Some good days, some not at good days.  Events pass by in a blur, it is hard to remember for sure what is going on or what really happened. 

Life is like having a bank account that is full of good days or experiences.  You add the good ones in the account and subtract the bad ones out.  At that end of your life, hopefully, you will have more good ones.

You can't control many things in life.  Getting older is one of them.  So enjoy the ride!  Work on being a better person, learn something you don't know, go to a place you haven't been, help someone that needs a helping hand.  

Do stuff and don't expect anything in return.  Some people might make bad comments about you, let it go.  Hang out with people that are real and enrich your life.  It is cool to eat alone in a restaurant, I have had many cool conversations doing this!  Look for the good, and you'll find it.  Brush your teeth and floss daily, I do and I have great teeth.  Be cool to others.  When you realize you have been a jerk to someone, own up to it as fast as possible.   Check your oven to make sure it is off after you cook.  Eat more healthy food and less bad food.  Wear a real watch, not a smart one.  Glasses makes everyone look smarter.  Tell those you love, that you love them while you can!

There is so much good in the world, I can't help but smile at it all!


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