Tuesday, July 31, 2018



Happiness.  What is happiness?  Do you have happiness?  Can anyone have happiness? Where does happiness come from?  Where will happiness go when you are sad?  Is there true happiness in the world?

I love peanut butter.  There are times I go to the grocery store to buy it when I want a peanut butter sandwich.  One time I went to the store to get some peanut butter, and there was a couple fighting over something in front of the peanut butter aisle. I stood around the aisle hoping they would stop, they didn't.  At some point, I gave up and left and walked around the store for a while to return and get my precious peanut butter.

That couple wanted to be happy, right?  Why go to a grocery store to fight, I suppose they went there to buy groceries, however at some point, they fought.  Perhaps it was over money, what to buy for dinner, who knows, but it was something.

Happiness is around us, we do need to let it in.  So little of this world, at times, seems happy.  The mundanity of life catches up to all of us at some point.  You will have to pay the bills or get something fixed that you down want to deal with.  Happiness is right there, you ignore it when you are busy with life.  It's still there waiting for you to smile.  To enjoy life, if you would let that happiness into your heart or soul.
Don't let that happiness get away from you!  We all only have so many days on Earth, wouldn't it be better to enjoy all of the happiness around you?  Don't waste a single moment of happiness in your life!  

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