Monday, April 30, 2018

Helping Others To Help Humanity

Helping Others To Help Humanity

It wasn't that long ago that I a young man.  Right now, to those in their sixties or seventies, I am still a young man.  To the twenty-year-olds, I'm not young.  Not old, however, definitely not young.  In the middle of young and old.  Stuck in the middle of youth and age.  Not bad.

I would like very must to make it to an old man.  Working out, eating better than most, not smoking or using alcohol, helps out a lot.  Being at one with the world, not letting stress get to me is another.  In my youth, I figured out that if something is going to happen or not, worrying and stressing won't change it.  Let it flow, that is the tempo, can chill us all out.  I can hang loose when everything is falling apart because I know when it's time to act, I need to be cool and relaxed.  This has helped me through some hard times and events.

In my life, when I could, I would help others out.  With a ride, fixing a minor car problem like changing a tire or jumping a car battery, opening the door, help carrying things, etc, all of this is easy.  Most would do this.  Most do this daily.

To really help humanity, what have you done to make this world a better place?  What have you done for humanity?  What can you do to make the future brighter and brighter?

Helping humanity for the better is hard.  Easier for some, most of us it is just plain hard to do.  Why?  Giving a friend a ride or paying for their lunch isn't a big deal, however, to help humanity, what does it take?

Knowing yourself is one part.  Being honest and true to yourself is important as well.  Listen, look and feel the world.  Nature will let you know if something is wrong or off balanced.  Listen to your body when you eat or work out, it will let you know if you are doing something bad to yourself. 

Work hard, learn all that you can about what interests you.  Take time to listen to others that you care about and even more to ones that you can't stand.  Realize that the world will be here long after you are gone, and there's nothing you can do about that.  So use your time now, to help this world.  To help others.  To help the wind.  To help the music in the air.  To help the beauty all around you.  To help yourself so you can help everything else.

Be nice, respectful and stay grounded.

And be cool, it's all good in the end.

It does compute.

Here are some photos of me helping the world out.

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