Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Inspiration

The Inspiration

The inspiration you give to others is amazing.  You really don't know how much you have influenced others in your life.  Many times you never will.

Life has been great to me.  I am both lucky and blessed.  There is the gift of music that I have.  Also all of the creative endeavors that I am able to work on.  My family loves me, my friends love me, and there are those that I have never met on the internet love me.  There is so much love for the creative material that I make, I am humbled.  It makes me smile and work harder.

My life is so amazing that it is hard to hear others that have had a hard life.  Many times one kind or inspirational word will make a difference in their lives.  Inspiration can go a long way, being inspirational to others at the right time can help them through rough parts of their lives.  Sometimes it is life, or career, or relationships, or a billion other things.  Leading by example will inspire others. 

I hope you have had a wonderful life as I have had!  If you did, share some of it with those that have not.  Listen, give advice if you can, and inspire them with your actions and words.  What a wonderful place in the world this will be if we all did this!


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