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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things That Do Not Compute

Things That Do Not Compute

After living a great life, I still see things that do not compute.  Does this mean that I think I am smarter than others?  No, rather it is interesting to me to see something that does not compute and think why doesn't that person see that it is not computing?  Funny how life is at times.

When I look at something that doesn't compute, I do try to see both sides.  I do realize that I could be in error, so I want all of the data that I can find to make a good and just decision.   There are times that I feel that others don't do this.

Disagreeing with someone is fine.  Arguing with someone that has their mind completely made up will almost never change someone's mind.  Think of the last time some talked to you and only with words, changed your mind.  Not often, if ever.

How you change your mind is through experience.  Life.  Living life.  That is how you grow as a person.  You can't read a book or watch a television show to really change your mind, you have to go out into the big wide world and experience this wonderful gift yourself.

When you get old, what do you want to tell your grandkids, that time you liked someone's post on a social media page?  Or that time you met a person that changed your life, that person that you helped that changed their life.  The time when you made, did or saw something that made your life complete.  Those are the stories you want to tell future.

Go see the world, go to every place that you have dreamed about, meet people that you have always wanted to meet, do what you want to do that makes you happy and gives you joy, smile, laugh, cry, hug, tell the people that you love that you love them while you can, apologize more and realize in the end, what does it really matter?  It doesn't.  Live your amazing life!  It will be over sooner than you realize.  So compute that!

Things That Do Not Compute 

Watch it, it does compute!


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