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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Future Is....

The Future Is....

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We are in the future.  Right now.  That's right, we are in the future looking back at this era.  What are you seeing?  Is this the past that you remember?  Is this the future you were looking forward to seeing?

No one can know the future for sure.  You can guess.  You can even make an educated guess.  However in the end, it was just a guess.  You can could look at the past for some guidance.  Refer back to an era where there were some similarities.   It's still only a guess.

If I went back to 1984 and told myself that I would not watch TV, everyone had a laptop and three old computers that no one wants, that I could fit into my shirt pocket a device with all of the information of the world, that everyone had a mobile phone and they carried it everywhere,  everyone could make their own TV or radio show,  that all of the record, book and VHS stores (it's 1984 remember)  would be gone,  and I could talk to a computer and it would answer back.  I would not have believed you.  How could I?  At that time we had Commodore 64's and Atari 800 xls with 300 baud modem with 64k of ram and we were hooked on television!  It would have been pure science fiction to hear this future.

The future is the undiscovered country, it's up to you to shape it.  I still want my talking robot and flying cars one day.  Oh to dream.

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