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Friday, March 31, 2017



Cars.  In East Texas, you have to have one.  In Texas, you have to have one.  For most of the country, you need a car except for a few large cities.

Why do we have to have an automobile?  Could we not just walk or ride a bicycle?  How did it happen that we all rely on cars for our transportation?

Independence.  In this country, we don't want to rely on others.  We want the freedom, the independence to go where and when we want.  Relying on yourself is important in the USA.  Really important in Texas too!

As time has gone by, the price of the automobile has risen as well.  At one time, most people would buy a car in hard earned cash.  Families would save up their money and buy their dream car.  Today most have to buy a car on time.  Those times and payments are getting longer and larger.  If the price of cars continues to grow, a car may become like owning a horse, beyond the cost of most people today.

The new cars have keyless entry, air condition, BlueTooth, USB ports, back up video screen and many other gizmos that add to the price of the vehicle.  It would be nice to see a new car with keys, mirrors and roll down windows.  Every piece that is electronic is a piece that will wear out one day.  There are cars in junkyards that you could still roll down the windows that are over fifty years old.

I love my Mustang, it is a fun car to drive.  However, I would love to get on a train or a bus and get around town, the state or the country.  I love the independence and the freedom of owning a car, however, it would be nice to sit back and work on my creative content as I travel.   Perhaps I would travel more.

And by the way, where is my flying car and talking robot?
Compute that!

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