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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I am A Robot

I am A Robot

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I am a robot.  You are a robot.  Everyone I see now is a robot.  Not that long ago you didn't see that many robots.  As the years go by there are more and more robots.  Technology has changed us all.

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Remember the land line phone.  People wasted enough time when that was only way to call someone. But now with a cell phone, you can call or get calls everywhere.  With the land line, you had to be next to a phone jack.  Now as long as you have battery power and next to cell tower you have phone calls.

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THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS sci-fi film talks about how we are turning into robots.  Technology, more specifically cell phones, have de-humanize us.  Think of the last time you have talked to a friend or a family member without using the internet or your cell phone.  Hard to remember a time that you haven't checked your social media, email, browser the web or search for something when you are with other people.

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Stop being a ROBOT!  It is up to you!  Put down that cell phone when you hang out with your friends!  Stop texting when you are talking to your parents!  Focus on the now and the people that are in front of you!  STOP BEING A ROBOT!!!!!

It's your choice.

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