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Monday, February 29, 2016

What Lens Should I Buy For My DSLR?

What Lens Should I Buy For My DSLR?

 photo 12792139_10101702585751688_5243265584032296008_o_zpsswkquzoo.jpg

There is no one right lens for any photographer.  Over the last few years I have looked and bought some lens as cheap as I can.  Some for a few dollars, some for more.  It is cool that you can buy older manual lens, put an adapter on that lens, and use it on the newest DSLR camera. Some of that old glass is cheap and looks amazing!!

You can go broke buying lens.  However if you buy 20-40 year old lens, you can get some get photos with any camera on the cheap and maybe on the free side.  If you buy an older 35mm camera and it comes with a lens, you could put it on your DSLR.  Free lens for your DSLR!

Here are a few photos I took with a Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8 Lens that I got used for $33.
It takes great photos and I am using an older DSLR 6 megapixel camera for these photos!  You could spend $100s or $1000s to get similar photos!

 photo 12419105_10101703957397898_8058879553493623694_o_zpsfdrqkqoo.jpg

 photo 12764653_10101703957303088_6975705652135441300_o_zps04bl3too.jpg

 photo 12747987_10101703957392908_4999795052745962891_o_zpscvmsiyk8.jpg

 photo 12794750_10101703957313068_7067377538276979987_o_zpss6dabg2n.jpg

 photo 12819263_10101703957298098_6305490373287883039_o_zpsbtttjgt0.jpg

 photo 12792200_10101703957457778_2381887285119096310_o_zpsiahtap84.jpg

 photo 12764896_10101703957387918_51793803222676435_o_zpshvghidv6.jpg

 photo 12819208_10101703957213268_1213948849826716543_o_zps0e9urcmn.jpg

Rock and Roll!!

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