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Monday, December 21, 2015

THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS And December 21, 2012

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On December 21, 2012, I walked into a movie theater that had people from the local community to show a rough cut of THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS that was filmed in June of 2012.  About three years later, I have a DVD that can be bought or a VOD version that is streaming as well of THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS.

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Those that have never made a film before might think, "hey you had a rough cut, you could get that film done in another few months."  Wrong.  The film is almost completely different than that first rough cut.  The visual effects, music, foley, additional footage shot, etc. all have changed since that first showing.

So why did I have a public showing of the rough cut of THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS that I knew was going to be completely different than the final product?  It is part of the process.  When you work on films, you get blinders on.  You know your film, as an indie filmmaker, you know it better than anyone.  It is up to you to get this film done.  Most indie features take from three to five years from first thought to completion.  Hollywood can go a bit faster because they can throw money and people into a project.  Indie filmmakers don't have that option.

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With that rough cut of THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS, I learned a lot from watching the audience.  I had them fill out a questionnaire as well.  From this viewing, I was able to shape this film into the fun ride that it is now.

Then I had another viewing, this time with over two hundred people in the same movie theatre.  It was the best showing of an indie film I had ever seen in East Texas.  People were laughing at the right places, clapping at times and had a great popcorn eating experience.  And the THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS still wasn't done.  I had them fill out a questionnaire, and learned what else I need to do to make it better.

After this I took THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS to Roswell, New Mexico and Miami, Florida to show it in a few film festivals.  I got more feedback.  Making the film better.  So now I finally had a cut of the film that I could call THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS done.

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Hold on, now you would think that would be the hardest part, making a completed film.  Wrong.  Now you have to figure out a way to get people to see the film.  Marking and promoting your film is the highest hurdle that any indie filmmaker has to figure out.  Without this part, no one and I mean NO ONE will ever ever ever ever see your film!  And THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS is just too great of a film for no one to see.  I have to find a way to get an audience for this film.

You could just burn your film on a DVD or put it online can call it your 'film distribution'.  However if want to have a DVD look and feel like a Hollywood DVD, you need some amazing artwork, photos, subtitles, director's commentary, design the DVD cover, disc and the files inside your DVD, etc.  This takes time and you have to check it at many different stages.  And yes you have to watch your film all the way through to make sure the ISO works.  And on different computers and DVD players.

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That's only making the DVD, then you have to figure out how to sell it.  Do you print 10,000 copies yourself?  What price do you charge?  Where can you sell you indie film?  Can you get it on Netflix, Hulu or iTunes?  All hard questions to ask and even harder to answer.

All this being said, THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS is now available for you to watch.  As the filmmaker for this film, it is my responsibly to get as many people to see this film as I can.  So many people work on this film from the preproduction, actors, crew, the folks in post and finally myself that has worked on this project so many hours I don't even know where to start to add them up.

Once you watch THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS, please live a comment on Amazon Dot Com.  Also share this post or link to the film with everyone you know.  I feel it is important to support indie films that are good.  Is this Star Wars The Force Awakens, no, however you may remember THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS long after you forget about most Hollywood films.

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You can Buy THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS on DVD, and now (drumroll!) you can see THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS on VOD on YouTube. Only 99 cents! It does compute!!!!!!
THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS on VOD at YouTube (99 cents only)

 Watch The Trailer for The Rise Of The Robots:https://youtu.be/pi33SFFF5LI
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