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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Expired Polaroid Film versus Digital Photos

Expired Polaroid Film versus Digital Photos

Shot On a Polaroid Spectra System SE with Expired Film
 photo 16582017246_ea0b265a3b_k_zpsvkj0jt21.jpg

Shot On A Canon T3i 18 megapixels DSLR
 photo 15989847633_f6cefd6016_k_zpsbfnac0fo.jpg

Over the last month I have been exploring working with expired Polaroid film. Over the last few months, I have been working on photography with my digital camera. Both are great to work with. Both have pros and cons.

First with digital, I can shoot as many photos as I want. Shooting in the RAW format allows me to edit the photos with a lot of detail on a computer later. I take a lot of photos and then later in post I can edited them and use only the ones that are good.

Using a Polaroid camera has been a blast from the past. Polaroid stopped making instant film in 2006. So by 2015, all of this film is out of date. Happily you can still buy expired film online. They do make new film, however it uses different chemicals and it doesn't look the same and it cost about three dollars a photo. The expired film cost about one dollar a photo. You take a chance, it may not work at. The batteries could be dead, the chemical developing pods could not work. Or all of the chemicals could have dried out. You could have spent ten dollars on a doorstop.

However look at the photos. The digital one looks great, the detail is great and it is in focus. You could blow up the image larger then you would want to print. The polaroid has a soft focus. The chemicals that develop before your eyes, look great. It is not print out on fancy paper, it is a photo that came from magic of instant film!

If you happen to love taking photos, and if you find a polaroid with some film, go out there and take some photos. Every shot counts with instant film! It is retro or hip to shoot with real film, however shooting with instant expired film can have some artsy results. Try it if you are bold! Film ain't dead yet!

Watch a Polaroid develop before your eyes!
Hipster Guitarist Next To A Fire Hydrant - Polaroid Spectra System SE Expired Film

Here I am rocking out!

"I'm A Tree" - Music Video

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