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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Photo Master Class

Photo Master Class

 photo 11080712_10101316304442528_2333540745453634609_o_zps13xapt6u.jpg
Over the last few months I have been working on my photography skills.  So far I am having a great time.  Learning how to shoot with a DSLR camera is a great way to get into photography.  With digital you can learn by trial and error.   If I take a bad shot, I can fix it and take another.

 photo 11070018_10101315373054038_5437635694269905599_o_zpss5iunshv.jpg
I have been working with long shutters, fast shutter speeds and ND filters to tell stories with my photography.  It took a while to understand all of the different functions of a camera, once I figured them out, I can now use those functions to take the photos that I want.

 photo 10847596_10101313499738178_2568239585210516256_o_zpsvj2behj5.jpg
Long Shutter.  With the use of ND filters I can be wide open and still get a long shutter speed.

 photo 11071471_10101312564282838_2240199793012377446_o_zpsywh735hy.jpg
Long Shutter.  The bike is blurred out.

 photo 10873343_10101293430981128_4817255629844622502_o_zpsyafhpayd.jpg
Fast Shutter.  Can you see the rain drops in the air in front of my suit?

 photo 11067708_10101291520958828_2092538541935371931_o_zpspbsxcoa6.jpg
Working with a camera is helping me understand filmmaking from behind the camera.  The more you know about lighting, aperture, shutter speeds and ISOs will help you take the shots that you want to take.  Be it digital film or digital photography, once you understand these, the sky's your limit with your creativity.

Rock and Roll!
 photo 1973993_10101278653909498_6667443485087289700_o_zpsi0vmvgkj.jpg
Jamin' On The Blues 

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