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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Of Both Worlds

The Best Of Both Worlds

 photo 10620288_10101236262646928_8195857937826123703_o_zpsd1a6cae5.jpg

Well I can grow a beard.  I went three months without shaving.  It was nice to not worry about shaving.  Every Time I came close to shaving, I just couldn't do it.  Every photo that I took, I look more and more epic!  Was the beard that made me look epic or was it in me all along?

 photo 16167322049_a203d32c1f_z_zpse929db91.jpg

The beard looks great, however there were a few drawbacks.  One, once you start, it is hard to want to shave.  Two, I did get more people eyeballing me.  Did I look shady with the beard?  Perhaps if I were to tidy of the beard that wouldn't happen, however the point of having a beard was to not shave.  Three, it did make me look older.  Not really a major downside since I do at times need to look older for acting roles from time to time.  And four, I looked more like a hipster.  Again not really a downside, however some would rather not look that way.  Five, it was hard to eat.  I had to have a thousand napkins to dine.  I slowly got use to it, however you did have to plan ahead to make sure you had enough napkins to keep your beard clean!

 photo 16374707716_2704fbabbe_z_zps1f55a005.jpg

Once I shaved, no one really noticed.  Perhaps because I go back and forth with my facial hair.  Go a week without shaving, then shave everyday for a week.  Looking in the mirror, I did miss the beard.  Don't miss the messy eating.  And I am glad to know that I can grow it back whenever I want.  So I truly have the best of both worlds, beard and no beard!  Life is grand!

 photo 16344782121_5530b57439_z_zps6844f720.jpg

Well here I am rocking out with the beard!  Enjoy!

"There Was A Time" - Music Video 

Here I am looking legit!
 photo 16214777227_34dc6f72a5_z_zps2f853569.jpg

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