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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Standing On The End Of A Year

Standing On The End Of A Year
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At the end of the year, one looks back and remembers what had happen.  This year, like every year, many things have happen.  Not only in my life, your lives as well.

Every second of a day, every hour of a week, every month of a year, time passes by.  For many it went fast.  Others, time moved too slow.  When you look back, it will all be a blur, save for a few moments that were truly important to you.  The thoughts that will be with you for the rest of your life.

As the new year beckons, will it pass by as fast?  Yes it will.  In the end does it matter.  No, time is like the air, it is all around you.  You can never get rid of it.  And when it runs out, it's over.

So enjoy what you have.  Live your life.  Smile when you can.  Put on a great suit.  And always rock out!  Rock and Roll forever!

I like to rock with my sunglasses on at night.
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Smile from time to time and wear a suit. :)
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Here are some videos from this month!

The End Results of No Shave November
Animated GIF
"Blink Then Sleep" - Avant Garde Music Video 
Want A Be PewDiePie Trending 
Holiday Travel Day And Night - Avant Garde Art Film
Man Eating From A Bowl - Avant Garde Art Film

Rock Out! Now!
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Guitar Study In D Major - Classical Guitar 
"There's A Robot Over There" - 1970's Rock Music Video

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