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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is a Cool Super Power?

Lazer Eyes

What would be a cool super power? Flying? Running fast? Being super strong?

How about having Lazer eyes? Man that would be super cool. Sadly no one can have lazer eyes, but if yo could, it would change the world.

You could measure exactly how far the moon is from the earth. Having your own special effects lazer show would be cool too. Reading CDs and DVDs without a player would be nice. How about shaving without a razor? Too cool, huh?

If I could only have lazer eyes....

Well the dream of having lazer eyes is only a dream that we can only dream about. Maybe in the year 5000? Perhaps.

And I know that laser is spelled l-a-s-e-r, however I am eXtreme and want to have laZer eyes!

Having lazer eyes makes you look cooler.

Here is a film about if I had lazer eyes:
Lazer Eyes Herb

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