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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools' Day

I am a bad actor.
April Fools! I'm the Gene Hackman of East Texas!

Since this is April Fools' Day I could start off and say that I have an audition for Sci-Fi's "Caprica" this weekend in Vancouver! Finally I'll show you that I'm the Best Actor in East Texas!

And for a slight moment your mind is open to possibilities that you have never imagined. What if that was true for me? What if one of your dreams came true? What if....

That is a fun thing about April Fools' Day, you can play a trick or joke and have it be something that you have always wanted to say or do. And since it is April Fools' Day, it is ok.

I think it is believable that I could get an audition for a show on the Sci-Fi Channel. I have been in over 600 videos and I can learn lines quick. And do I look like a 'heavy' and I could always play lovable 'nerd' as well.

In this photo I am the Heavy Lovable Nerd.

Today watch out for all the crazy news stories! If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is. Still is fun to imagine for a moment what if....

Here I am fighting the Ant Martians in my new film.
That's the Martians' Space Ship I am looking at.

"2012 Plan 2" Film

"2012 Plan 2" Film - Director's Commentary

And Rock and Roll!

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