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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Riding into the Sunset

Riding into the Sunset

This has a been a hard and long Spring Break for most of my friends. This Spring Break I have been reflecting on life and how we perceive reality while bike riding around Nac. Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do. It helps one think about what really matters.

I can tell you this, a billion years from now, no one is going to care one bit about any of your drama. A billion years from now, no one will know your name or anything about anyone you knew, any thought you have ever had in your brain or any sign that you were ever here. So what is the point?

Thinking about life.

Live for the now, love life. It is so precious and a wonderful gift you were given. Please don't waste it on petty matters. If you have joy and happiness in something you have or do, it is a full just life.

This week I watched the last episode of Battlestar Galactica. As with all great Science Fiction, it makes you think what you would have done in their place. I would have not ended it that way, I am a bit too much like James T. Kirk when it comes to making the hard decisions. Riding alone into the Sunset is what I do best.

I am not a Cyclon!

So what if 2012 is it. I know it's not, however let's pretend it is. December 21th 2012 the Earth is over. What would you do before it came? Would you be a different person? Would everything that makes you who you are remain the same if all you had were three years left?

Humanity in my mind always makes the correct choices. The future is going to be brighter. Ask your parents how life was before computers or the internet. Your grandkids will ask you how you lived before whatever you can't live without in the future. And I bet it still amaze you a bit when you think back.

I still think at how much my life is like Star Trek now. Cellphones, mobile computers, the internet were in episodes of Star Trek back in 1966. Then it was fantasy, today it is reality! Back in high school if you would have told me that I would have all of this stuff I would've laughed then asked if I had a flying car in 2009. One day....

Racquetball was new at one point.

Since so many of my friends are still sad, I wanted to make something funny for them to watch. So for a few minutes the only thing on their minds would be laughter. Am I a good enough filmmaker and actor to do this?

What happened was the hardest one man film projects I have ever made! Hope you like "Tex and His Buddy Blade" and watch the Director's Commentary if you want to learn about how I made this film in one day. That's why I'm the Internet Legend, I have to do this impossible from time to time to make sure I am still worthy of the title. If you can do a film like this by yourself in one day, you rock!

Tex and His Buddy Blade

"Tex and His Buddy Blade" TV Pilot

"Tex and His Buddy Blade" TV Pilot - Director's Commentary

Rockin' Out

Is the glass half empty or half full? You look for the bad and you'll find it. However if you look for the good, you'll find that. I always look for the good.....


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