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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Lot to be Thankful This Year!

A Lot to be Thankful This Year!
I Like Turkey!
Another Thanksgiving and as all ways, I have a lot to be thankful about. My family and friends are great. Teaching is great gig, can't believe how much I am still learning from all the students. And I get to create a lot of music, films and writings, as well as act from time to time.

During the year, I all ways remember how great we have it. Riding my bike around town, I see so much good in the world. This makes me smile on the inside and outside.

Rocking Out on Thanksgiving Day!
Here is a song about how much I love turkey. I made this song up on the spot. That's why it rocks!

"I Like Turkey" Music Video

Making Avant-garde Art Films!

Like I have said, I have a lot to be thankful for in this great world. This year I have one more thing to be thankful about, I posted my 501st video on YouTube today. Wow! How many will I post next year. Let's see if I can post 200 in one year!

In this film, I tried to see if I could emulate the Super 8mm film cameras from the 60's-70's! Hope you like it. Remember, those cameras only had three minutes of film and no sound. And most would edit, on the camera. That means, you had to shoot it the way you wanted it edited!

I made this while I was waiting for my the food to get ready. The soundtrack is Musique concrète with 90% of it my human voice. If you can't handle the music, turn it off and watch the film like you would've back in the 70's! Rock and roll!

"Thanks for the Day After" Avant-garde Art Film

And I wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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