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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Guitar Study in G

Playing Classical Guitar

Since January of 2000, I have composed a guitar study on the first day of each month. I have a lot of them, and at some point I plan to publish them as book.

Well I have a lot of friends that play guitar, however many don't read standard notation that well. So I made this study into TAB for them.

For all of those that don't play guitar, TAB is short for tablature. This is a system of notation that shows the string and frets to be played. In some ways it's a bit easier than reading standard notation for guitar. And tablature has been around longer than our modern system of music notation, and if you have non-standard string tunings, it is almost a necessity.

I look forward each month to compose one of this studies. Playing classical guitar is fun and in many ways, these studies are some of my best music that I compose. For those that don't like my singing and still want to here my music, this is the best way.

If you play guitar, here is a classical guitar study in tablature. Enjoy and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Here is the sheet music:

Sheet Music and TAB of the Study in G Major for guitar

Here is the MP3 of me performing this study.
Study in G Major

And here is the Video.
Study in G Major - Classical Guitar Study

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