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Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Go to the Midnight Show if you have to Text Message?

Why go to Movies if you don't pay attention?

Back in 2005, I went to the midnight showing of "Batman Begins". Well I thought it was going to be a mad house. It was if you think that under twenty patrons a mad house. I was shocked! It was a Batman movie and no one was there! However I had plenty room and it was quite.

Ok, fast forward to 2008, I went to "The Dark Knight" midnight showing. They sold out four theaters here in Nac. I don't think that ever happened before.

So I was in one theater that didn't have anyone in it. Then the sea of people came in and filled it up because something was wrong in one theater. My row went from one person in it, me, to it being full.

People were talking and text messaging during the previews, ok, that's cool. Then the movie started, and they were still doing it! Come on, you paid $7.50 for a midnight showing of Batman! You must be a fan, surely that text message about 'where r u?' could wait!

Me after two plus hours of text messaging and the movie.

The couple in front of me had their cell phones out, and I could see them blink. Ok that's a bit distracting, well I can live with it. Then they started to read and text back, so I kick the back of the chair every time they open their cell phone and I could see the cell light. That didn't phase them. So I blocked the light with my foot.

Fortunately for me the folks at my side only used their cellphone about ten times during the movie. At that point, I just gave up and watched the movie, which was good.

Also, I saw just about everyone I knew in Nac there! Walking out at 3am and you see a sea of folks you know doesn't happen often here. That just shows what a hyped up movie that is good can do in the box office.

So for all of the folks out there, if you can't go two hours without checking your cell phone, wait for the DVD so that I can enjoy the movie without distractions. Thanks in advance.

Me 'acting'

And I am jealous of the Joker, hope to act as well in one of my movies one day. I feel I have it in me, just need the right part and a great script. Will out a doubt, I could be the best heavy ever! One day....

Rockin' out!

Here is a punk song for you. Yeah!
"Our Love is Something to Write About" Music Video

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