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Friday, July 11, 2008

Searching for the Truth

Searching for the Truth.
Summer I is over an Summer II has started. Summer I went great and so far so has Summer II. It is great to teach in the summer, you can focus on one class for over a month and this year we only go to class four days a week. So that means that I have more time on the weekends to make films! Look for some more quick Art Films!

The Music For Children Class Summer I '08

The Old Game Club Gang.
I had a chance to hang out with the old G.A.M.E. club gang for a few hours the other day. It's great to talk about shop, mainly computers and technology with the old gang. And we had some great grilled food too! A great time had by all and I got to rock out while fireworks flew through the air.

Also I got the idea of making a few games for the Facebook. They are not great, I am not a programmer, however I can make a mean web 1.0 webpage! Enjoy and add them in the Facebook if you want.

Herb's Guess Number Game

Hangman Herb!

Rockin' Out!
Lately I have wrote a few songs for my next film. I start filming in the next few days, that's why I have a beard, so I made a video with me coasting down a parking garage. It was fun and it looks a lot faster on my camera's video then in reality. I am coasting about three miles an hour. Enjoy!

"So Lost, That Life" Music Video

Kickin' It on a Bench.
Life is good. It's great to kick it here in East Texas. Yeah the best place in the world!

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