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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dumpster Diving, 70 Cents and Saving Humanity

Dumpster Diving proves Humanity is worth saving.

While filming a Dumpster Diving scene for the BUM film, a person coming out of the gas station after I guess buying a soda, thought that I was a real bum and gave me his change.

I stayed in character until out of frame and gave him his money back after telling him that I was only acting in a movie. The guy said, "you looked like a homeless guy...."

That's how you know that you are a great actor, you can't tell if the actor acting or being real. This is my first time this has happen to me while I was filming.

Someone giving me money while I was acting as a bum.

I asked them if they would like to be in the movie, and I re-shot the scene in a master shot. It was pretty close to the real scene a few minutes earlier.

This is great for the movie, however so much more awesome in real life. One reason why I write, compose music, act and make films, is to get in touch with the human spirit and emotion.

People are the reason why every creative person makes something out of nothing. When that guy gave me his change because he thought that I needed it more than he did, it touched me more than I can put into words. It made me smile so big on the inside and I know now that all of the hard work that I have put into this movie was worth it just for that one moment.

Thank you for helping me believe in the good of people.

There are times when people don't think humanity is worth saving. In that moment, humanity proved that we all deserve to be on this planet. And I have hope for humanity growing out of its' infancy one day. Thank you.

The day before I had people staring at me while I was walking.
They didn't offer their change, instead they acted like they never
saw anyone 'act' before.

Here is the real take.
"Bum" 'Dumpster Diving Giving 70 Cents' Teaser

Here is the real take with the master shot.
"Bum" - 'Dumpster Diving' Teaser

Here is a song that I wrote on the piano. Enjoy.
"Miss Sad Eyes" Music Video

Rockin' Out!

Here is a song that rocks out!
"Can't Keep My Eyes Off Of You" Music Video

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