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Friday, July 04, 2008

The 4th and Being an American

I painted this on the 4th!
As I got up today, I realized what a wonder it is to live in the greatest place on Earth, East Texas. The clouds looked great was I went on a bike ride, shooting footage for another Art film.

Many flags were up today, it makes me happy to see others love the USA as much as I do. Today we are all Americans. I like that.

This is what I did on the 4th of July.

I love this country, so I made this video and recited The Pledge of Allegiance. You may ask yourself why you love this country and is it worth working hard to make it better.

Is the USA perfect, no, however Americans try to do their best and help as many others as we can. And we gave the world Rock and Roll!!! Yeah, it's a great country!

The Pledge of Allegiance

Making music videos!

And because I live in a great country like the USA, I can make music videos like this! It's great to have the freedom to create art like this. Only in America and East Texas can I make a video like this one.

"I Love Dancing" Music Video

Close up of my new painting.

There is a truck.

Rockin' Out!


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