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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Remember Memorial Day.

I love America. What we stand for and what we protect. Freedom is a relative new concept in human history. For most of our human past, there was no or very little freedom.

So what does freedom mean? We say it all of the time. Let's break it the word apart.

Free, not controlled by any one or thing. Dom, means the quality or state of something. Freedom, is the state of not being controlled. The quality of choice, choosing what will give you joy without infringing on other's freedom.

In America, we have freedom while most other countries do not. And for some reason, this makes those countries mad or hate us. If only they had the freedom we have, they would understand.

Until the world has freedom, we will have to defend our freedoms. To all of those that defend our country today and to all of those that defended it in the past, thank you.

I will use my freedom to make as many Sci-Fi movies, music videos, writings and music as I can. And have as much fun riding my bike, rockin' out on my guitar and piano, taking photos, acting, running and eating peanut butter sandwiches as is possible in this great country!

God Bless America! Let Freedom Ring! Ring that Freedom loud!

Here is one of my early songs that I haven't played in a long time. Enjoy!
"You Diss Me" Music Video

Rock and Roll!
And I have the freedom to grow my beard!
What a great country!

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