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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back to the Future!

Going back in time!
What a great week. Got to run, ride my bike and rock out! And I took a photo in front of a DeLorean. Back in 1985 this was a super cool ride. So what has change since 1985 in this world.....

Biking is cool in any time.

No internet. We had BBS, bulletin boards, which was a bit like the net. No pictures, videos, sound files and it was slow. Real slow. Also you had to be a bit of computer wiz to use it and be friends of someone that ran one.

Anyone can make CDs now. Not only that, with any cheap computer, you can record your own music and burn a CD in a few minutes. Sure we had tape recorders back then, but there was so much hiss on the tape and every time you made a copy of that tape the hiss got worst. Now you can record you big hit, make a mp3 and post it online and it cost you nothing.

No YouTube. Today anybody can have their fifteen minutes of fame. Back then, I never thought that I could make my own movies and have people literally all over the world watch them. We had VHS tapes, and I did make some movies this way, however every time I messed up, I had to rewind the tape to rerecord the scene. And I had to record the VHS tape in real time.

Flowers are every where, in 1985 and 2008.

This week I had over 1,100 folks watch "Truth". Wow! I thought it might have taking all summer to get this many views. In class I had about forty people see the film, with the internet I had over twenty times that number see "Truth" on YouTube in a week.

Well since 1985, the internet and cheap powerful computers have made the world a smaller place. We can all have information and entertainment whenever we are in front of a computer.

Back to 2008! What a great time to be alive!

If you haven't seen "Truth", go check it out now. It is my best Sci-Fi movie to date. And tell all of your friends also.

Link to the "Truth" webpage.

Truth - Short Sci-Fi Film

Always writing songs.

As always, I am still writing music. It is great how these songs come to me. All of my creative activities has helped my songwriting. Can't wait to see what songs I write next.

"Girl I...." Music Video

Growing the beard for a new role.
I love to play the heavy.

Rockin' Out!

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