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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Baritone, Flight Suit, Music Video and Me

Looking cool in the Flight Suit and the Baritone in hand.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. So I recorded a song. The song was so good I wanted to make a cool music video to go along with it.

The other day I got a flight suit that looks cool on film. And for the last few weeks I have been practicing my baritone horn. Combine that with a great East Texas day means I had all the ingredients for a cool music video.

Here I am in my Flight Suit.

The place I wanted to shoot the video was being used by a family flying kites. So I move over a few yards and found a better location. It is amazing at how many cool places there are to shoot videos in East Texas.

Here I am in front of a Chicken Plant.

As many of you know, I am a one man movie making machine. It is still amazing to me how fast I can make a video. The whole process for this music video took under three hours.

First I recorded the song. I had written the lyrics the other day and didn't have time to put chords or a melody to it. So I wrote a chord progression and came up with a tune for the song. As always the chords and tune came easily, it is like the song writes itself.

Then I recorded the song three times. With the third take, I was happy with the results so I recorded the over dub guitar lead track. Mixed the tracks then bounce the song down.

At this point I came up with an idea for the music video. So I put on my Flight Suit and grabbed my baritone horn to go outside and shoot the footage.

This Rim Tire Man looks cool.

I started to record on my camera and acted the parts so that they would cut well. After making three hundred plus videos, I have a good idea what cuts and what doesn't cut. This is the "Midgley", put the camera on a tripod, hit record then get in front of the camera and act. Well it's fast and it works for me.

So I go back in the house and edit the footage in about an hour. This is the longest process of my movie making. After I edit the footage, I watch it three times to make sure I have everything the way I wanted. Make a few changes then I post it on YouTube.

All under three hours. Practicing the craft. I use to practice my scales on piano so that when I had to play scales in compositions, I could with out any thought.

Making videos the "Midgley" way is the same as practicing scales on the piano. When I have to do this for real, I can do it without any thought. I'll know what I want and how to make it happen. And what will cut and what won't.

Here is the music video. Hope you like it after all, I did spend three hours making this for the world to see.

"What's in Your Heart" Music Video

Cool lighting.

Cool trees.

Cool suit.

Cool table.

Cool guitar.

8x10 Glossy

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