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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Real Guitar Hero

I'm Rockin' Out!
Here I'm rockin' out with my amp on eleven with a lot of distortion. Over the last few months I have been working on my shedding chops on electric guitar once again. I have been practicing on my used Tuxedo Epiphone Les Paul I picked up a few weeks back, and man that's a fun guitar to play. Wow I'm loving playing lead guitar again.

I know that a lot of folks love playing Guitar Hero. Back in the day I wanted to be a rock star too. There wasn't a video game back then, so I had to learn and practice the guitar to make my dreams come true. Over my guitar career I must have practice over 7000 hours on guitar. Probably more than that, that's all I did back in high school.

When I hear some of those blues bends and artificial harmonics with all of that distortion, I have a flashback to when I played lead back in high school. Back then, metal guitar ruled the land and it was so much fun to play. And the pick scratch on the low E string sounds great too!

Follow your dreams, work hard and they will come true. Still can't believe how many songs I have written, all of the open mike nights I have played and all of the many people all over the world that have heard me play. That kid playing his Lotus Les Paul copy all of those years ago would be amazed. And so am I.

Rockin' out where ever I am.

"In The Sky Part 3" 5 min Guitar Solo

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