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Monday, January 28, 2008

What Are You Thinking?

Looking Towards the Future

I've been busy writing screen plays, writing songs, shooting music videos and rockin' out. It has been a great week. Also I have been able to run twelve miles last week in the new rec center. Only five weeks ago, I started to use some of the machine weights after my three mile runs and I already feel stronger. Can't wait until May.

It's been cold here in East Texas!

The last few weeks have been cold here in East Texas. I am very proud to say that I haven't turned on the heat at all. All you have to do is put on a lot of layers and cover your head. At night, all I have to do to stay warm is put a blanket over my head and my own body heat keeps me warm. And I save a lot of money on the electric bill.

I got to play outside last Thursday for the open mike night. It was about 30 degrees outside. Well I shot some footage of me rockin' out in the cold. I'm glad that I used an open tuning.

Rockin' Out

Since taking the film classes, I have tried to make a few of my music videos using multiple camera angles. It takes a lot longer to edit, however it looks cool on film. As always, I practice my craft as much as I can.

Some think, 'why would anyone do this?'. Well, why not. It is a major challenge to write a catchy song, shoot the footage, edit it and post it on the web. In life, it's the hard things that keeps us growing. As an artist, you have have keep pushing yourself so that your craft will improve.

One person told me recently that a five year old child could make one of my music videos. I would challenge anyone to make a music video 100 percent on their own. After you do that, you'll realize quickly that it's hard to make a crummy music video. To make a great one, is magical.

Well I hope you enjoy my latest music video.

I only play at 11.

Over the holiday, I have started to play more electric guitar. I picked up a cheap Tuxedo Epiphone Les Paul copy last week, and love playing it. Man it looks cool and the stock pickups sound pretty good.

It's not as heavy, sounds as good or plays as smoothly as a real Gibson Les Paul, however for the price I can't complain. I have been having a lot of fun working on my shredding. It's coming along, hopefully I'll get back to where I once was when I use to play metal back in the day.

Keep on Rockin'!


"What Are You Thinking?" Music Video -Nice Day Version-

"Across The Ocean" Live at Open Mike Night in Nac

30 sec. Fast Guitar Solo by Internet Legend Herbert Midgley

Boogie Woogie Piano in F by Herbert Midgley


I don't think I match.

Rockin' out in the woods.

In the red room.

Waiting to rock out.

That's my bike behind me.

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