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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Walking in to the Red Room....

I'm in the Red Room....

First week back at school, and I say this every semester, what a great group of classes I have. Everything went so smoothly and I look forward towards a great semester. It's going to be a full and rewarding school year.

Looking forward to a great year.

This semester, I'm on my own to make films. No groups, I have to do everything, write the script, plan the shoot, get and rehearse the actors and get a crew to work. Also direct it and mostly likely, I'll star in at least one of my films.

All of you know how much goes into making a movie. A lot of work goes into making a bad movie, a lot more goes into making a great movie. That's what I want to do, make only great films. I'm ready for this challenge. No zombie movies from me, perhaps a film or two with some UFO's however.

Writing music on a nice day.

Well this semester has started off slow, however it's going to get busy real fast. Amazing how fast the week flies by. Teaching, making films, rockin' out and working out makes everyday a full one. And it's pretty cold for East Texas right now, hopefully in a few more days it will warm up so that I can go on longer bike rides.

Here are a few new songs I have wrote this year.

"I Love My Dreams" Music Video

"The Light At The End Of The Day" Music Video

Pens are cool.

Rocks are cool.

TVs are cool.

Everything is Cool!

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