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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Great Photo means Great Dumb Luck

This is how I look once every few thousand photos.

Over the last few years that I have owned a digital camera, I have became pretty good at taking photos. Also, since I'm usually alone when I see cool places for a photo, I have gotten really good at taking photos of myself.

It is hard to guess how many photos I have taking of myself over the last five years, I think somewhere between five to seven thousand photos is a good estimate. So with this many photos every once in a which I take a photo of myself that just looks, well incredible! A photo that a professional photographer may have taken.

The other day, I was trying to finish filling up my flash card, so that I can back up that data and clear the card. I took a few photos at random, one was one in front of a black cloth with a light bouncing against it and me holding some keys. When I looked the photo on the camera, I thought this was a keeper.

Once on the computer, I thought the photo would look better in black and white. After doing this, I was amazed at what I saw.

So I can look like this if the lighting was right, the camera angle was great and if I have some dumb luck.

If this was my Glossy that send out for acting gigs, what would they think once I got there if they hired me based on this photo.

Here is the 8x10 Glossy that is suitable for printing.

8x10 Glossy of me

Here is a cool instrumental with some Advant Garde footage for the music video. I think you will like this instrumental based on Open C Tuning. I liked this tuning so much that I shot a lesson on how to play guitar in Open C Tuning.

"Across The Ocean" (Advant Garde Version)

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