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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why Compose Psychedelic or Avant-garde Music?

Why compose Psychedelic or Avant-garde Music?
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I remember the first time I played one of my electronic compositions at a recital. No one knew what was going or what to do much less what to say about it. They didn't even know when to clap. It was one of the coolest feelings I have ever had! And I couldn't wait to play another electronic compostion at my next recital.

Today, I don't have to wait to produce a psychedelic or avant-garde composition for a recital. And because I can make a music video fast, now I have a multimedia presentation to go along with my electronic music. With streaming media the norm today, now I can I reach a world wide audience via the Internet.

Why do I compose these compositions? Is it really music? Anyone can make that noise? I hear these questions when folks listen to these works. Well maybe it's a good thing to try to push the envelope. Composing music that sounds like everything else is easier. Any audience will accept something they have heard before.

However if one never tries to compose some new and original compositions, music will stay the same. If that happened, we never would have had Rock and Roll. And I love Rock and Roll!

In life be an innovator not an imitator. That's how you can become a legend....

Not easy to be an innovator. 77 is the answer to everything.
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The Electronic Composition that started it all.

The Inquisitor and the Last Timetorian

New Music Videos:

"coUgh oUt" Avant-garde Music Video (Hip Pop Version)

"coUgh oUt" Avant-garde Music Video

"BinG LaA hA" Avant-garde Music Video.

It's great being an innovator!
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