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Friday, November 02, 2007

Open Mike Night (At Punk Concerts, Fans would spit on the Bands)

I love Open Mike Night, it's my favorite night of the week
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I love Punk music. It's so free and open. Music was what mattered, no one was getting paid so it didn't matter. They played for themselves and others that loved that music.

As Punk Rock grew, the new fans took what the media was telling them as truth and started to spit and fight the bands, because that's the way they thought you acted at a Punk Rock concert.

The only thing, it wasn't true. It was made up by the media and people that didn't understand what was going on. The old crowd couldn't believe what they saw and many left the scene.

Well as a seasoned Open Mike player, I'm seeing things that the 'newbies' are doing that makes me question why go to an Open Mike Night.

I know I keep bringing up Rita's, however it was as perfect of an Open Mike Night as one could be. In a short time we all became a family. I looked forward to play, at the same time I was looking forward to hear my friends play.

Those that wanted to hear music, sat near the stage. Those that didn't, sat someone else.

Open mike is about the music. When I see or hear people talking louder than the music, well it tells the performer the music doesn't matter.
When you are playing games, messing with your cell phone or doing other things, well the music is lost.

Why go to an Open Mike Night? I hope it's to hear live music and music that no one else has heard.

If you go and are sitting near the stage, shouldn't you pay attention to other performers? Should you go there only to hear you friend play then do what ever you want to do, which could disrupt other performers? If you perform there, shouldn't you give the same respect that others performers have given you when you played?

That may be the Open Mike Night experience that you want. I don't. I want to rock out and hear my homeboys rockin' out too. And I want all of the performers to have respect as they are performing as well.

Maybe things have change. Perhaps some of the 'newbies' would rather listen passively to a Juke Box and behave the way they want. Ok.

What Open Mike Night , well to me, it's a place where you can try out new songs that you have written or covers of songs that mean something to you. It's a place to practice you craft of being a musician and performer. It's a place where you can learn from others songwriters or classic songs that are being played.

If you are happy with the Open Mike Night scene as it stands, that's cool. I learned a long time a go I'll play one person or one million, 'cause it ain't about how many are listening, it's about filling your spirit, your soul and giving a piece of you every time you play.

Of course you as an adult can do or act any way you want at an Open Mike Night. I'll keep on doing what I do when I go.

And I wrote this because I love Open Mike Night and Rock and Roll. If you read this, I bet you do too.

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