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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Singing, Dancing, Teaching, Making Movies and Rockin' Out

Here I am rockin' out at the "Songs of Herbert Midgley"
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Last Thursday I performed in the Music Recital Hall "Songs of Herbert Midgley". It was a magical performance and this may be the best performance that I have ever given. Everything just fell into place. I felt great, my friends were there, the incredible Music Recital Hall acoustics and I wanted to sing my songs. The vibe was just right to rock out!

One of my best friends told me after the concert he couldn't believe how great I sounded live. He has never had a chance to hear me perform live before. "You sound good on the CD, but man you sound great live."

Yeah, I do. I feel that I sound ten times better live. Some people sound better on tape, however I get the rush from the audience that I'm performing for. The more they want to rock and roll, the more I can too which makes me sound at my best.

Being a singer/songwriter, it's not my great singing or lack of it, that moves an audience. It's the words, the emotion, the imagery that I give that should move an audience. When you see me perform live, that's when the magic happens.

Also, I perform just about every week for the last three years. You can't truly rock out until you have 'paid your dues'. Why can I rock out harder than most, because I practice it every time I'm on stage. So when I get a concert to myself, I have the experience of playing hundreds of times at various open mike nights.

I have to say that night was pure gold. If you couldn't make it, the good news is that I had a camera to help capture the magic. A recording isn't as good as hearing me play live, however if you couldn't attend, it's on YouTube. Funny, in a few days, more people will see it on the internet than were at the actual performance. You have to love the internet. Enjoy the performance!

"Songs of Herbert Midgley" live from SFA on 9-13-07

I made it in to the Pinelog again, thanks to my emo songs!
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Pinelog Newspaper Article

The Internet Legend sings once again.
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And here is the 'Rita's' CD which I performed select songs from on the concert.
Download the 'Rita's' CD for free

Here I am after my guitar class.
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I went to go listen to some jazz on Friday and ran into two former students that took the Music for Children class with me a few years back. They are both elementary teachers now and they were so happy to see because they have been wanting to tell me that they use the information I taught them in their classrooms all the time.

Sometimes when you teach, you are not sure you are reaching your students. Since I was an elementary music teacher, I know what I am teaching was going to help them when they taught for real.

And as the years go by, the former students that I run in to that are now teachers tell me so. This is why I teach, not for a paycheck, rather because I have a positive influence on people from time to time. And knowing that is so much more important then a few dollars in bank.

Hello, would like to swing dance if I don't step on your feet?
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In life, some things you are really good at and others you are not. Well I have never been the greatest dancer in the world. Walking around the campus, I have been seeing signs that say they will teach you how to swing dance. Ok, cool.

So I went and I discovered that I do have a left and a right foot. I was doing OK for my first time swing dancing. And it's a lot of fun.

This summer I ran so many miles, I was hoping to find a cardio replacement. So far, I haven't even lost my breathe swing dancing. However it's fun and it's good for me to learn how to do something that I'm not a natural at. That keeps me humble and helps me empathize with those trying to play guitar for the first time or those trying to learn how to read lead sheets. Rock and roll!

Me walking my camera, the camcorder cart.
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In film class, we had to pitch our ideas to write a script for the summer feature. You could talk about it or you could make a trailer. I chose to make a trailer in one day.

So I had to get some actors to say lines from the up coming script. It is great to have folks around you that want to act. I shot the footage, and six hours later I had my trailer.

In class, after the trailer was over, they clapped for it. Wow! I guess they all know how hard it is to make a short movie in one day. If I write the best script, maybe it will get picked as the summer feature. In any case, I know that it can be filmed here in East Texas. We have the talent, the tech skills and many places to shoot in Nac to make a great feature. I can't wait to see those movies on the big screen!

Here is my new movie trailer for "2012". Enjoy!

2012 (Movie Trailer 2)


This is why I play guitar.
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The car that changed America, a Model A.
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The Birdwell Building once stood here.
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I like computers.
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Lighting is so important.
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A rare night photo.
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I am Racer Herb!
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