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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rockin' Out with my Creativity

The lighting, the guitar and the shades make me look great rockin' out!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friends last year in April I release my last CD "The Return of Whatever". Since then I have composed over 60 songs. I planned to put them all on a double CD, however I think that I will pick the best 15 songs and spend more time recording them. What I want to know is what songs are your favorites? What song has to be on the next CD no matter what? What song should I not put on the CD? And why for all of the above?

Over the last three years or so of playing open mikes nights and performing at singer/songwriter nights, I have grown as a musician and composer. When I listen to that first CD, I know that I'm a better singer now. And my songwriting is better too. However I do have a few more sad, whiny, emo songs in me that I have to write before I'm done. And folks seem to relate to them for whatever reason. Personally, I really like my punk bubblegum songs.

Having the need to create is strong in me. I'm not sure why I have to write songs, music, plays, perform, make movies and act. I just do, for good or bad, I write about what I feel, what moves me, what inspires me, the bad in the world that I want to help change and of course, my life.

One thing that all of this creativity gives me that nothing else can is the knowledge that my life was worth living. Long after I'm gone, the nerd song, The Timetorians and my classical music will go on. So will all of my YouTube videos.

In the year 3997, some historian may find one of my videos and hear a song that I wrote 2000 years earlier. That is as cool as touching the Roman Colosseum in Rome. Perhaps 2000 years from now, that historian with feel the same way watching the "Sweater Girl" music video.

Here I'm touching history at the Roman Colosseum.
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Here is a bit of my music history. The Art of Time Travel was the first CD that I made and gave out. I was so proud of it and was amazed that I could burn a CD in my room and give it out. Now all of you can download my songs and burn them for yourself, it still is amazing to me.

The Art of Time Travel is a collection of electronic music long before GarageBand and Audacity. My creativity, a eight second sampler and a four track recorder was all I had back then. If you have never heard any of my Avant Garde electronic music, here is your chance.

The Art of Time Travel CD

If you have any feedback on my next album, let me know. I have a name for the next CD, however you are going to have to wait until it's released. You may be able to guess the name if you know the history of my music.

Also if you are in Nac this summer and would like to be in a music video, let me know. I want to make more movie like music videos this summer and need more actors that just me to star in them.

Rock and roll!

Here is one of my favorite songs I wrote last year.

"Your Crime, Your My Crime" Music Video Live 2007

Here is another emo song for you all to watch.
"She'll Grow Out of That!" Music Video Live 2007

Here I am a the Blueberry Festival picking four and half pounds of blueberries.
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Here I am looking around East Texas.
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Here I am walking down the road.
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I'm not sure what use this is?
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And I love my catfish and hot water cornbread!
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Here I am rockin' out!
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