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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Importance of the Chorale

I write chorales.
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It's hard to do something everyday. Two things that I do everyday is practice guitar for one hour and write a chorale.

The last time that I didn't practice guitar for at least an hour was in 1988. When I say that, it's hard to believe. When folks ask me why I can play guitar so well, my answer is I practiced a lot.

The last time that I didn't write a 32 measure four part chorale, was in 1991. I was a music theory and composition student back when I started. Being the best composer that I could be, was my goal back then.

I felt that if I composed every day, writing music would become as natural as breathing. It did. I can hear the notes in my head and put them on paper.

There is so much order in composing a four part chorale. This has helped me in my life in so many ways. I can see patterns and structure when I look for them. This skill has helped me fix computers, act, write and make movies.

It also made me a better teacher, I can organize many things in my head. In teaching, every day is a different, so it's great to be able to change things on the fly. Rolling with the many changes is so important as an educator.

I shot a video to show how I composed one of my 32 measure chorales. Over the years I have composed these every where and all over the world. No matter where I'm at, I write one of these chorales.

I hope you enjoy this video and now you know how important my chorales are to me. If you know me, odds are that you have seen me write one of these.

Chorale in F Major by Herbert Midgley

Here is a video of me playing one of my guitar studies as I do one of my one hour practice sessions.

Study in D minor - Classical Guitar Study by Herbert Midgley

And here is another song for you to rock out too!

"I Wrote My Own Future" Music Video

Some photos of me.

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