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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New "Art Film", Music Video and it's Spring Break!

Here I am putting my acting skills to the test in my new 'Art Film'.
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It's Spring Break and it is weird having time off. I really enjoy teaching so much, that I don't feel like I need a break. In my mind, people should teach as a holiday from their jobs. I'm really lucky I guess. That's why I smile all of the time.

During the Spring Breaks of my past, I pretty much did as many creative endeavors as I could in nine days. One of those endeavors was making 'Art Films'.

At that time, I had no idea what an 'Art Film' was. I got my first used camcorder many years ago and made a lot of 'Art Films' with it. Back then, I had no way of editing the movie, so I had to shoot everything linearly. When I messed up, I rewind the tape and shot it again until I got it right.

For a while, I have been hearing from folks that want to make movies complain that they don't have the right camera or some other piece of expensive equipment. If they did, they would make a great movie. Or they need a big Hollywood movie budget to make the film they want.

Boulder Dash!!! I believe if you have a movie inside you, you can make it! Would've, should've and could've is all I hear from them. Quit whining and go out there and make a movie!

So I made this 'Art Film' using only my digital camera on movie mode. Not my digital camcorder, but my camera that I use to take all of these blog photos. Thirty short Quicktime Movies, edited in iMovie to make this masterpiece of an 'Art Film' in the French Style of art movies.

The soundtrack was made in GarageBand with me playing and recording all of the parts on my iBook. You can hear the guitar strings scratches, howls, glasses being hit with keys and a recorder in this Avant-garde soundtrack.

I remember when I 'hot rodded' my Performa 6400 with a bigger hard drive, maxed out the ram and installed a firewire card so that I could use iMovie. Here is my first movie I made with this set up, The Shadow Man. I wanted to make movies so bad back then, it didn't matter that I had no budget or good equipment. I was going to find a way to share my ideas with the world.

Thanks to the internet and digital video, I can.

I have both versions up, one with and one without the soundtrack. It will be clear that the one with soundtrack is infinitely better. A film is fifty percent sound, and in this case I bet you will agree with me, sound helps lift this film.

Well, I hope that you like it and got some motivation to go out there and make something great, no matter what equipment you have! Don't worry about making a Hollywood movie, I bet that you watch more stuff on YouTube than going to the movies.

You ever wonder why? Maybe you care more about a story with heart then a bunch of famous actors and special effects. Remember boys and girls, it's the story and film that's important, not what equipment you use.

Things That Control Us (Art Movie) With Soundtrack

Things That Control Us (Art Movie) 1st Draft

Friends, it's a hard road to sing my songs.
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You can't believe how many people honked and yelled out at me while I shot this music video. This is the longest shoot I have ever did for a music video thus far! I can't be that popular, can I?

Tell the world about this important song about the stratification of the world. This ain't another sad whiny emo song. This is about real life.

It is truly a hard road to travel on.

"It's a Hard Road" Music Video

Some Black and White Photos of me. And have a Happy PI Day!

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