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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Avant-garde music video about a Butterfly that has to be free

This is how I look when I write a song.
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I am trying my best to not write sad whiny emo songs any more. So I wrote one about a butterfly. This song is a bit more happier than most of my emo songs.

Well I'm still emo, so I made an Emo Avant-garde music video to go along with new happy song. Ok, the song is a bit emo, however this video footage doesn't fit this happier song.

Does the footage make it better? Does it make you think more? Why? Is it too creepy looking at an eyeball for three minutes?

Butterfly Butterfly (Music Video) The watching eye version

Also I made a karaoke version of the "I'm A Nerd" song. No singing, only me play the chords and the melody on the guitar. Burn it to a CD and take it the next time you karaoke. The audience will love you.

"I'm a Nerd" Karaoke version
"I'm a Nerd" lyrics

And if you haven't heard the nerd song.
"I'm a Nerd" Star Wars Version

Maybe I should make a punk version of the butterfly song.
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Am I missing something?
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