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Friday, February 02, 2007

It’s Ground Hog Day and a Full Moon too! Time To Reflect on Life.

Today, I'm a writer.
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This week has been full of great learning experiences for me. I have done a lot of reading and writing. I recorded a few music videos, like I do most weeks. My third full-length play is finished, and like always, I think it is my best work to date.

Over the last few years, little by little I have realized that I am a writer. I have put words on the paper since I was in high school, however now I'm at the point to know that I can take a blank page and make it come to life. Five years ago I would've believe it possible.

One reason that I started to write and act was so that I could draw from them to make my music better. The absolute music that I have been composing all of my life has improved. My songs have new level expression and depth that I didn't have before my endeavors into writing plays and acting.

The last ten or so songs have amazed me. I really can't believe that I'm the composer of these songs. The choruses are catchy and more importantly the verses tell a story. I guess I should be happy, it only took me writing hundred and fifteen songs to get to the point that I can write some great songs. Now if I could get someone that could sing to perform them. One day.

When things change a lot, it is good to look back and reflected on what you have done or wanted to do. Right now I'm batting way over 500 on all the things I wanted to do in my life. Once I have completed an item on my list, I add another thing to achieve during my life.

I find that you are either getting better or getting worst in life. It is almost impossible to remain the same for every long.

Some folks are happy watching sports on the couch. Cheering for people that they don't know. In my mind I ask, why don't they go out and do something? Anything? I would much rather play a sport than to watch it on TV. Why are sports so important to many people? Do they serve the same function as the Coliseums in Rome? Football vs gladiators? In my mind, who cares, go out and make your own memories. Become your own hero or legend.

There are doers and watchers. I do stuff, sometimes stuff that I know is going to challenge me. After all that I have done, most would rest on their laurels. That's the reason they don't have any laurels to rest upon. You can never stop working to improve yourself or the world. Well, at least I don't.

In life I'm trying my hardest to run that extra mile. Giving it my all. So when the race is over, I can look back without any regrets. And smile and laugh too.

I have written a ton of songs in the last few years. Here are two songs that I wrote on the piano, however I first recorded them on the guitar. So I was wondering, which version of these two songs do you like better? The guitar or the piano version? Why?

Well I thought it would be cool to hear the difference between them. I hope you enjoy them!

You are the Light of My Life (Music Video-Piano Version)

You are the Light of My Life (Music Video)

Never Together (Music Video-Piano Version)

I will post my new full-length play in the next few days. So for the three of you out there that read my plays, you have something to look forward to!

Today I also got me some catfish! Catfish is good!!!!
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