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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2006 Hello 2007!

Happy New Year! 2007 is going to Rock! 2006, I'm going to miss you!
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One year ends and another one begins. As new year starts it's a good time to look back on the last one and see how much you have changed.

In the arts, one either gets better at their craft or gets worst. It is very hard to remain at the same level.

This year I have written about sixty songs. Not all of them are great, however I have written a few gems this year. One writing teacher told me that you have to get out all the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. I hope this year I will write more gems than ok songs.

I can see that my Sci-Fi movies have gotten better. One gift that I have is the art of editing. Maybe because I shoot everything myself, I can 'edit' it my head. So when I get in front of the computer, I just put it together. And I'm fast at it too.

Since streaming video has taken off on the web in 2006, I can put more and more of my work online. It is amazing that I can write a song, shoot the video and have it on YouTube all within two hours! Amazing!

This year I feel that my play writing has gotten better. It is fun to stare at a blank page and make it come alive with words and ideas from my mind. All I can say that ten years ago I never thought that I could write a full length play. So far I have written two and a lot of one act plays too.

I have a ball trying to act. It is a challenge to see if I have talent to make some else’s script come alive. The best thing that I learn about acting for the camera is that you have to be yourself. If someone picks me for a part, they are picking me to be the doctor or lawyer. I have to sound like myself or I will appear 'fake' on screen. So when I have other people help me make my Sci-Fi films, I tell them to just talk normal. Don't act! Be yourself. When I act for other people's projects, I have to remember to do the same thing.

For the last few months I had a great time practicing Boogie Woogie piano. I've gotten better and I'm having a lot of fun too.

On a sad note, the best place for open mike night closed it's doors. Rita's, was the place for the music scene in Nacogdoches. I didn't realized how much that place meant to all of the local musicians in Nac. I owe a lot to that place, anyone could rock out no matter how good or bad they were. And as time when on, everyone that came back week after week, got better. I was one of those that improved greatly at my time playing at Rita's. Rita's you are gone, but I'll never forget you. And I'm thankful for all of my musician friends that I have met there. We were a family and for the most part, we still are. My life is better because of open mike at Rita’s.

I still have the best gig in the world. Teaching the history of Rock and Roll, guitar, electronic music and music education classes is still my dream gig. It's great teaching all of the cool classes.

To my friends, you rock. Thanks for all the great times. So many great times rockin' out and making movies in 2006. We have a squad of Stormtroopers in Nac, how cool is that? And I can't go anywhere in Nac with out having my name yelled out. Tha's cool too! Wow!

This year I can run! I average from nine to twelve miles a week. Last year at this time, I was running from three to five miles a week. And I have lost twenty pounds this year too. I back down to my fighting weight.

2006 was a great year for me. I hope it was for you too. I can't wait to see what I'll do in 2007. Will I appear on national television again? Will the "I'm a Nerd" song get over a million downloads? Will I get a ‘five line’ part in a major movie as the hipster nerd? Will I have some major recording star record one of my songs? Will I have one of plays produced? Will 'The Timetorians' be optioned for a major Hollywood Movie? Who knows, perhaps all and above.

My New Year's Resolutions this year, rock out even more. Write the best song ever. Also get more national fame. Why not?

I can't wait to Rock in 2007!

And as always Rock and Roll!!!!!

Lasertagin' the New Year
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A few of favorite songs I wrote in 2006
Your Crime, My Crime
I Never Meant to Break Your Heart
I Love Sundays
Watch them all here

My Favorite Screenplay
The Gentic Zero

My Favorite One Act Play

My Favorite Sci-Fi Movie
The Timetorians

My Favorite Funny Sci-Fi Movies
Got Game (Nerd Kung-Fu movie)
The Player and the Psycho

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