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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006-The Year of Herb- One photo of Herb for everyday of 2006

One of my last photos of 2006.
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Last year I decided do an art project that would take over one year to make. Well here it is. I took at least one photo of myself for everyday of the 2006.

I had over 2000 photos to pick from. I decided to only use one photo per day unless I wanted to make a video of 2000 photos, that would be over 66 minutes of Herb!! That is a bit much of the Herb, 13 minutes is long enough. So I picked the best or the coolest photo of the day, 364 photos.

I hope you enjoy seeing me lose 20 pounds before your very eyes. Running is a great thing. And after a few frames, my beard is gone too.

If you think it is cool, share it with your friends and family.


2006-The Year of Herb


2006-The Year of Herb on Google Video

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