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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Busy Writing

I'm thinking of what to write next.
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For the last week, I have been writing up a storm! It is funny how the writing bug bites me, and for the next week I have a ton of ideas to write. Last week, I had so many ideas for plays, that I couldn't write them all out. However, I did come up with another four short one act plays this week.

I also shot a few more music videos. One new song and two of my recent favorites. I hope you enjoy them.

The Following plays will be in a collection called "That Couple"

The Actress and the Space Astronaut -This is another one act play.

Prank Phone Call -This is another one act play.

You Can't Con A Con -This is another one act play.

Backpacking Through the Louvre -This is another one act play.

The End of the World -This is another one act play.

Ain't Technology Grand -This is another one act play.

Happily Ever Never -This is another one act play.

It's String Theory, Baby! -This is another one act play.

Here is my new song.

The Girl of My Dreams Has Went Away (Music Video)

And two of my favorite recent songs.

I Never Meant to Break Your Heart (Standing Version)

She Digs Her Cell Phone (Standing Music Video)

And I got a Director account on YouTube, so I can now upload videos longer than ten minutes.

So here is The Timetorians on YouTube.

If you havn't seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out. It's only 13 minutes long and you see a lot of Herbert acting in this great Sci-Fi masterpiece!

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