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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I love this Song. And I wrote it!

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As you all know, I write a lot songs. Not every song I write is great. I post them anyways on the YouTube.

However on occasion, I write a song that I fall in love with. This is one.

I wrote the lyrics and heard the chords when I was at an open mike night. The chorus pop into my head with the chord changes. I came home, wrote it out and recorded the demo.

So I shot a video yesterday since it was a beautiful bright day. I did some chessy acting for the intro and the tag. I love this song so much, I recorded another video today of my just singing this song, in my leather jacket.

One way that I know that I have written a great song is if I can't stop singing it. Well, I was rockin' all night to this tune. So I must love it.

That's Rock and Roll.

I Never Meant to Break Your Heart (Music Video) Leather Jacket Version

I Never Meant to Break Your Heart (Music Video) Running Verison With chessy acting.

Which do you like better?

Rock and Roll!

Here is the link to the Return of Whatever videocast that Amit and I did a few days ago. We talked about tech that happen this year!

This was a test of some new demo software, so there is a watermark for the cast. :(

Here is the videocast!
Amit's sound is a little soft ot maybe Herb talks too loud!
Return Of Whatever Podcast 75 (12-26-06) Videocast

Here is the Audio version
row12-26-06-75 12.0 megs mp3

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